Lycra Hogtie Video

Lycra Hogtie

Who says self-bondage isn’t any fun to watch?  Not me.  And certainly not this guy, who’s managed to cuff himself into a damn sexy hogtie position!

I just love the way the light shimmers off of his tight Spandex suits, as he struggles against his self-imposed bondage.  For me, there is nothing better then the site of a guy tied up in a catsuit so tight you can see his muscles flex and bulge as he struggles to escape.

OK.  There’s one thing better…

What’s better then that, you ask?  It’s when you have a guy tied up in a skin tight catsuit, and are able to sit back and watch the light bounce off of his muscles, AND his erection, as he struggles to escape your wondering hands.  This goes for when I’m the one tied up in one of my catsuits, too!  I think I’ve told you before how I love to watch myself as I struggle against my restraints.

Call me a bondage slut, I guess.  🙂

Sit back and enjoy this sexy self-bondage video.  I sure am…