Tie Her Up: Selene from Underworld (Kate Beckinsale)

Kate Beckinsale Catsuit Bondage

In the first two Underworld movies, Kate Beckinsale was just about the cutest female fetish object ever to grace the big screen.  She looked incredibly sexy poured into her ultra tight black PVC catsuit, leather corset, and knee high boots.  Really, she did!.  And the stylized action sequences almost made me believe such a small gothic creature, such as herself, could handle her own against 1000 lb. werewolves.

There has never been a Hollywood movie so close to delivering a perfect super heroine bondage scene, as these first two movies came.  Can you imagine what Kate Beckinsale/Selene would have looked like all stretched out and chained down in a tight spread eagle in her tight catsuit?  Straining.  Struggling.  Escaping.

So when I read this article this morning about the next installment of the Underworld franchise, I became cautiously optimistic that we might see something really kinky happen to Kate Beckinsale’s character Selene.  I love how the first sentence in this article starts out: “Lovers of butt-kicking women in tight leather outfits: rejoice! Kate Beckinsale is returning to the black leather bodysuit that made her an action icon.”  Nothing like being subtle about your own fetish/bondage kink, is there?

The storyline for Underworld 4 lends itself perfectly for the holy grail of superheroine bondage scenes.  One where we can actually see Selene stretched out and tied up in that tight catsuit she wears all too well.  I have this scene forming in my head where the Lycans have captured Selene, and are holding her in bondage in a dark, damp dungeon.  In the center of the room, there is a single bright light highlighting the subdued vampire.  She is standing in a vertical spread eagle, with chains stretching her arms and legs far apart.  She’s still wearing her skin tight catsuit and boots, but her corset has been removed to give her captors more access to her exposed and sensitive body.

You can hear the rattle of chains and the creaking of leather as she slowly struggles to escape her captor’s touch.  The leader of the Lycans is rubbing his fingers across her erect nipples while another werewolf is rubbing his hands up and down her lower back and butt.  Selene’s wearing a thick leather blindfold, so she jumps whenever she senses a new touch.  And a 2” black ball gag is doing the best job it can in silencing her vocal objections to the things that are happening to her.

Please Hollywood, don’t ruin another perfect opportunity to get the tightly suited Kate Beckinsale into a fetish pumping catsuit bondage scene, ripe with vulnerability, struggling, and eroticism.  If you give us a hot Kate Beckinsale vampire bondage scene in Underworld 4, I promise to buy at least two tickets on opening night.  Promise!

Now I know most of you guys who come to my site do not enjoy the site of a pretty girl tied up in a catsuit.  But I do.  It’s part of who I am, and it’s what makes life more interesting for me.  No apologies.

Here are some images of Kate Beckinsale showing off her amazing body in the skin tight PVC catsuit that made her an action movie star, and also turned her into a kinky bondage and fetish icon.  Here’s to hoping we might see something special in the next Underworld movie…

Kate Beckinsale Catsuit Bondage Underworld Latex Catsuit Kate Beckinsale Catsuit Bondage Selene from Underworld in a Latex Catsuit Kate Beckinsale Catsuit Bondage Underworld Beckinsale Latex Catsuit Kate Beckinsale Catsuit Bondage Kate Beckinsale Latex Catsuit