Strapped Down: Stretched Tight

Stretched on the Bondage Rack

Here’s one more picture from the first bondage session I had with my friends over at Serious Male Bondage.  They had me stretched out so tight on this bondage rack, you could have bounced a quarter off of my stomach.

And even then, that didn’t stop them from cranking the winch a notch or two tighter.  With every clink of the winch, I got more and more turned on.

By the time they were done stretching me out, I was in such a headspace I was unable to communicate coherently.  I loved it!

This photo session felt like the superhero bondage scene I have always wanted to play out, ever since I was a kinky teenager playing bondage games with my friends (we all did it, right?).  This time, I played the hero captured by evil villains bent on world destruction.  They took me back to their evil lair, strapped me down to their bondage rack while I was still in my skin tight superhero suit, and began a slow and methodical torture session.  They whole time, they never even asked me any questions…

OK.  So that is just one of the fantasies that went through my head when I was spacing out on this rack.  I’m thinking some of those fantasies I had that day would make some good bondage stories.  You think?

In reality, it was just a really fun day with some cool guys who like bondage!  The pictures they took that day are utterly amazing.  This one is one of my favorites.  I just love how you can see the tension on my body, because of how tight I’m stretched out.  I tried my best to see what was going on below my waist (they were strapping my legs to the rack with leather bondage belts), but was so deliciously helpless I could only keep my head held up for a few seconds each time.  After tiring myself out from watching the guys fasten more and more leather straps around me and the rack, I could only lay there as they worked their way up my body.  I think we all know how this turned outSmile

There are only a few hundred more pics from this scene, so stay tuned!

Catsuit Bondage Rack