Agent Stig: Mission Zero (Part 1)

Spy Bondage

Something wasn’t right, and young Agent Stig knew it.  Agent Smith had disappeared 15 days ago after checking-out for a simple reconnaissance mission, and hasn’t been heard from since.  While lengthy dark missions were not uncommon for Field Agents, Stig knew the protocol for Smith’s mission was a sneak-and-peak.  Agent Smith was scheduled to report back to the Agency the next morning; that was two weeks ago.

The only information he could get from the Director was that the mission protocol for Agent Smith’s original mission had changed.  After check-out, mission protocols are never supposed to change.

Having just recently been promoted from the Academy, Agent Stig was still in his probationary period at the Agency.  During the 18 month probationary period, new agents participate in every facet of the Agency.  From cyber data mining, daily intelligence briefings, and even mission planning.  The only task new agents are not allowed to participate in are the actual field missions themselves.  This is as much for the safety of new agents, as it is for the continuity of the Agency.  An unseasoned rookie falling into the wrong hands could have devastating consequences for ongoing mission protocols.

New agents are vetted, analyzed, and physically honed in the science of intelligence gathering.  And only when they complete their four week field test at the end of their probationary period, called the Gauntlet, agents will then receive their mission certification.  During the Gauntlet, new agents experience multiple mission scenarios based on real world variables.  From simple sneak-and-peaks to extremely complicated and intense missions scenarios involving blown covers, where they must endure realistic capture and interrogation events until they either reveal their mission protocols or the Gauntlet expires.  Revealing mission protocols during the Gauntlet has the same impact on an agent’s career as it would if it happened in the field, so new agents must resist their captors during any interrogation events that might take place during the Gauntlet.  No matter what happens, the Gauntlet lasts for a full four weeks, and not a minute less/more.  The longer you are able to evade capture and interrogation events during the Gauntlet, the better!

Agent Stig was scheduled to begin his Gauntlet 10 days ago.  But since Agent Smith was assigned to be his Gauntlet Master, Stig was being forced to wait until Smith returned from his mission.  His career was being put on hold, and he could not get an answer from the Director on the status of Agent Smith.  Gauntlets are extremely complicated scenarios to plan.  Since Agent Smith had been planning this Gauntlet for over 6 months, Stig would have to wait for Smith to return before he could begin.

Agent Stig’s frustration and impatience finally overpowered his youthful judgment, and he decided to get some answers about Agent Smith’s whereabouts for himself.  Using some the advanced cyber snooping skills the Agency had trained him in, Stig found the original protocol for Agent Smith’s mission.  The protocol was behind a Level 6 security firewall, which was kind of odd as Level 6 firewalls are where the Agency keeps all of it’s ultra-sensitive information and secrets.  Mission protocols are not usually classified as Level 6, but he will ask those questions on another day.

The original mission protocol validated what Stig felt he knew all along.  Agent Smith’s mission was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance expedition to gather photographic evidence regarding mysterious activities being reported at a remote complex in the middle of a heavily forested area to the north.  It was a standard sneak-and-peak, and Agent Smith was definitely supposed to report back to the Agency the next day.

There were several things odd about all of this.  First and foremost, Stig wondered why the Agency would send one of their best agents on a mission that technically only required the skills of a junior agent.  Usually sneak-and-peaks like this were given to new agents immediately after they complete their Gauntlets, as a way for them to wet their appetites.  It was almost unheard of to waste the skills of senior agents like Smith on fishing expeditions like this.  Directors are responsible for assigning agents to missions, so perhaps there were other undocumented office politics involved when choosing Smith for this mission.

Not wanting to over stay his unapproved welcome in the Level 6 security firewall, Stig closed his network connection as soon as he completed scanning the mission protocol.  Agent Smith’s original mission protocol contained the GPS coordinates of the location where he was headed the night he disappeared.  Stig memorized those coordinates.  On his way home that night after he finished with his normal activities at the Agency, Agent Stig typed those coordinates into the GPS unit built into his high powered sport bike.  He was surprised when the screen showed that the location was less then 90 minutes away; 60 minutes if he drove fast.

Since he was wearing his Agency issued uniform, he was definitely ready to drive fast.  The standard issue suit was a combination of high technology and good old fashioned ingenuity.  The absolutely skin tight suit was as functional as it was stylish.  It was lined with thousands of micro-sensors that continuously monitored the body it was wrapped around.  The sensors wirelessly fed real-time data into a compact computer system nestled in the wearer’s helmet.  This data was then presented as situational-critical information on the helmet’s Heads Up Display (HUD).  Through the voice activated response system built into the software, the wearer of the suit could command it to adjust certain physical characteristics of the suit to respond to immediate threats.  For instance, if an agent found himself in a situation where he was experiencing significant positive G-Forces, he could command the suit to squeeze tightly about his legs to help his heart pump more blood to his upper torso so he didn’t pass out (much like the flight suit of a combat pilot).  Temperature control, rigidity, and electrical impulses were only some of the other characteristics that could be monitored and controlled through the HUD.

Agent Stig was still getting used to his new suit.  He had only received it a few weeks before his Gauntlet was schedule to begin, and hadn’t had time to read the complete operation manual yet.  He had to admit that since he had a slight fetish towards skin tight catsuits, the simple act of putting on his new uniform every morning tended to give him a massive erection.  The suit was custom fit to his exact measurements and fit perfectly skin tight.  It hugged and cupped in all the right places, which kept him on edge for as long as he wore it.  Fortunately he figured out how to use voice commands to make the material covering his crotch area thicker then the rest of the suit, so it hid the fact that he was walking around with an erection most of the day.

Stig was definitely glad he knew how to manipulate the temperature controls of the suit, because the evening was quite cold for a bike ride of more than a few minutes.  But after 60 minutes of pulse pounding maneuvers through dense traffic and curvy lake side roads, Agent Stig was still quite comfortable when he finally reached the destination marked on his GPS.  He was a little surprised when the spot marked by the GPS coordinates seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, with no sign of civilization around for miles.  The only indication that there was anything going on was a dirt path that lead into the woods.  Curious as to what could possibly be of enough interest to the Agency that they sent their best agent out here in the middle of nowhere, Stig guided his motor bike down the narrow path to investigate.  He only got about 100 yards when he encountered a large fallen oak tree blocking the path.  Rolling to a stop about 20 feet from the downed tree, he shut the engine off and pitched the bike down against its kickstand.  He unsaddled himself from the seat, and cautiously walked the remaining distance to the tree.

He wanted to see what was on the other side.  But he didn’t make it.

Before closing the final 5 feet to the tree laying across the path, Stig was surprised by a sudden movement just inside the tree line on his right side.  He had noted the dark object when he drove up on his bike, but mistakenly catalogued it as part of the stump from the tree that had fallen down.  What Agent Stig found out too late was that that object was not part of any tree.  It was a man.  A man wearing a long dark trench coat.

In a blinding instant, the man in the trench coat raised his right hand and fired the weapon he was holding directly at Agent Stig’s chest.  Stig knew that the suit was bullet proof enough to withstand the close range impact from a small firearm, and even before the bullet made contact he was already planning his defensive attack.  But the impact never came.  At least not the impact Stig was expecting.

The projectile the man in the trench coat fired at him was not a bullet at all.  It was, as Agent Stig was about to discover, a kill switch.  A small bio-mechanical device that could, in an instant after impact, hard wire itself into the nanotechnology circuits built into an agent’s suit.  This gave complete control of an agent’s suit to whoever had possession of the control pad the kill switch was paired with.  And now that the device had embedded itself into his suit, Agent Stig was getting a crash course in what his amazing suit was capable of.

Every sensor in his suit was discharging massive amounts of electricity directly into Agent Stig’s body.  By themselves, each sensor had a discharge similar to an electric ignition switch found on a common gas grill.  By itself, the feeling of a single sensor discharging electricity in this manner would be nothing more than annoying.  But having thousands of these sensors all discharging at the same interval three times a second was enough to bring down a mountain ox.

Agent Stig had already collapsed to the ground and was writhing on his back in sheer agony, when the man in the trench coat quietly walked up to him.  He slowly bent down over Stig’s wide eyes, and made sure that he watched him push another button on the control pad he now held in his left hand.  The change in Stig’s already dire situation was immediate.  The suit stiffened up considerably, and then began to shrink around his lower abdomen.  Already sucking in massive amounts of oxygen to help deal with the pain he was going through, the more restrictive behavior of the suit was siphoning precious breathing space from his lungs.  Agent Stig was losing consciousness…

The man in the trench coat smiled as he put the control pad in one of the many pockets in his trench coat.  He then took his left hand and started rubbing it down the skin tight material of Agent Stig’s bodysuit.  He started at the chest and worked his way down to where the suit was corseting Stig’s waist.  The man in the trench coat then looked Agent Stig directly in the eyes as he brought his left hand down over his firm erection.

He forcefully cupped Stig’s crotch, looked Agent Stig in the eyes again and said with a menacing sneer, “We’ve been expecting you.”

Agent Stig only had a moment to process those words, before he lost consciousness…

When Agent Stig finally regained consciousness, he found himself securely tied to a bed.  He had no idea where he was, or how long he was asleep.  What he did know is that after an hour of furious struggling, he was no closer to escape then he was when he first woke up.  And he really needed to escape.  Not just because he was now the unwilling captive of some sinister plot, but also because of the increasingly erotic stimulation being forced upon his nipples and groin.

When he gets out of this mess, he was definitely going to have to study the operation manual for his new body suit…

To be continued…

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Special Note: I have to give thanks out to a member of my site for the inspiration behind this story.  Stig emailed me a few days ago, telling me how he and a mate of his played out their own Agent Smith bondage adventure at a Halloween gathering a few days ago.  One of his fellow gear-heads was kind enough to recreate this Agent Smith scene for him.  His friend tied him to the bed in his incredible looking RadicalSpeed luge suit, MX boots and Arai bike helmet.  From what I hear, his first Agent Stig bondage adventure ended quite pleasurable for him.  Smile

As I already told Stig, I really wish I could have been the one who tied him up like this.  I can only imagine how it would have felt to rub my hands up and down his perfectly skin tight catsuited body.  But I would have made sure he was stretched out extremely tight to the four corners of his bed before playing with his nipples and groin for a few hours, before letting him go over the edge.

Someday, perhaps?

I really hope to collaborate with Stig on more exciting bondage adventures in the future.  He looks so damn good tied up in his tight gear, don’t you think?

Please post some comments on here to let us know your thoughts, and to convince Stig to send some more kinky bondage pictures over for us to enjoy.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas of my own for him, but I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you guys too.