The Strait Jacket Crew

Bondage Cage

After my wild ride on the split bench, I was kind of expecting to get a break from the bondage chaos going on that day.

But if there is one thing I’ve learned from my visits to the Serious Bondage Institute, it’s that there are no breaks at the SBI.

After I was unstrapped from the chair, I was hustled up stairs for the next shoot.  When I saw the cage sitting there in the center of the room, I was kind of relieved.  I mean, how uncomfortable can it be to sit in a large steel cage in the middle of a room.  Time to relax.  Right?  Wrong!

So as I was walking around the cage and posing for some atmosphere shots, I should have been paying more attention to the sound of excitement that was going on in the other room.  Because when it was time for the bondage part of this bondage photo shoot, no one was surprised when a couple members of their kinky crew burst through the door and came at me with a strait jacket.

You guys should know by now that I’m game for just about anything, right?  And it’s not like this was my first strait jacket bondage experience, either.  So I knew what to expect.  Or so I thought.

In retrospect, I should have crawled my ass into the cage and locked myself inside, instead of meeting the Strait Jacket Crew with open arms.  Nope.  Not me.  I just let them strap me into this strait jacket so tight I couldn’t move my upper body, and then willingly crawled into this cage so they could strap me down even further.  That’s when they started tickling my feet.

You would be surprised how much more ticklish your feet are, when you are wearing a skin tight bodysuit while strapped into a canvas strait jacket and tied down inside a cage so tight you can’t move.  I was!

Just another fun and exciting day at the SBI!  Can’t wait for my next visit!

More to come…

Strait Jacket BondageStrait Jacket BondageStrait Jacket Bondage