Just Me, Tied to a Chair in Spandex Wetsuit

My friend called one day, and asked if I could stop by for some bondage play that night after work. From the excitement in his voice, I knew he had something interesting planned. But no matter how much I asked, he would not tell me. He just told me to be at his place by 6:00pm, if I wanted to find out.

And I really wanted to find out!

So I wrapped up my day at the office a bit earlier then normal, and by the time 6:00pm rolled around I was already suited up in my  tightest Spandex wetsuit, gagged with duct tape, and firmly tied to a chair in my friend’s living room. That’s when the door bell rang…

Rewind to earlier that morning…

It seems that my friend has a much more open environment at his place of work (a natural food store in Minneapolis).  He was talking to one of his female co-workers that morning at his job, and the topic of bondage came up. I guess it wasn’t uncommon for the group of people who worked there to have conversations about their kinks right out in the open, and it was actually her that asked my friend if he had ever tied anyone up before. He just smiled and showed her some pictures of me tied up that he had taken on his cell phone recently. She didn’t believe that my friend had personally taken those pictures of me tied up, so all he said is that if she didn’t believe him she should stop by his place that night after work.

Fast forward back to 6:00pm…

She actually didn’t seem all that surprised when she first saw me tied up to the chair in my Spandex suit. And I wasn’t sure how to react as the two of them kept circling me, while my friend answered every question she had for him. She was very fascinated by the tight Spandex suit, and kept asking my friend questions about it. She kept commenting on how well it fit me, and how cool the white ropes looked against the black Spandex. All of which I tried to agree with, but the duct tape was actually doing a good job of keeping me quiet.

I will never forget how turned on I got when she finally got up enough courage and asked my friend if she could touch me. He said she could touch me all she wanted.  It was then that my smartass friend announced he was going to the store to pick up a pizza for dinner. “Don’t get into too much trouble,” he said as he shut the door behind him.

So there I was. Gagged and tied to a chair in my skin tight Spandex wetsuit; an unwilling(???) victim in a kinky game of bondage show-and-tell between my friend and his co-worker. My friend had pulled similar stunts before, but not with a girl.  Not that it mattered, though. Because when you are blindfolded, gagged, and tied to a chair in a tight Spandex suit, it doesn’t matter what the gender is of the person rubbing their hands all over your body. The only real difference was that she was really good at using her fingernails to torment me. She spent a long time just stroking her fingernails across my chest and abdomen, but eventually one of her hands found itself over my erection. The feeling of just her nails rubbing up and down the Spandex covering my erection was intense. Really intense!

“Damn it,” she whispered when we heard my friend open the front door. She was still kneeling in front of me and stroking my erection when he came into the living room after putting the pizza in the oven. My friend, being the smartass again, asked her if I was good when he was gone. She kind of laughed, and admitted that I had been. She then asked if my friend would help her tie me to the bed, like I was in the pictures he showed her that morning. She was really liking the feel of my reactions to her fingernails, and wanted to spread me out so there wouldn’t be any ropes in the way.

In a matter of just a few minutes, I was untied from my chair and then tightly spread eagled to my friend’s bed. I guess I could have struggled a little harder as they locked leather restraints around each ankle and wrist, and took turns pulling on the ropes used to stretch me out to the four corners of his bed. But I was extremely turned on from her fingernail torture, and definitely wasn’t thinking straight. What followed was over two hours of some of the most intense erotic torture anyone could possibly live through. My friend knows that massaging my nipples when I’m tied up like this drives me insane. So he spent the entire time making light circles around each nipple with his fingers, while he watched his friend lightly scrape her fingernails up and down my entire body. It wasn’t until she asked to be alone with me, that I knew I was really in trouble. My friend just laughed, and got up to leave me alone with her. “Don’t get into too much trouble,” he told her as he closed the door behind him.

I was definitely in too much trouble! As far as I know, no one else knows what happened to me those 30 minutes she was alone with me. It was heaven and hell, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Just not sure I could live through it again…

Since then, this girl and I have become very good friends. We used to do a lot of bondage play together. She loves doing bondage escape challenges, where we take turns tying each other up to see who can escape. The punishments are often pretty intense; my punishment usually involves vibrators, nude spread eagles, and oil. Her punishments usually involve vibrators, plugs, and more vibrators (she hates/loves it when I seal a vibrator inside her PVC catsuit while she’s still tied to a bed). I’m thinking about showing you some of my very own rope bondage skills that I’ve used on her. All I have to say is that she looks good tied up in one of her Spandex or PVC catsuits! Even for a guy like me! Smile

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pics from this first scene with her though. I suspect she might have some more, so we’ll see if I can post anything else.

Tied to a chair in a Spandex wetsuit