Agent Stig: Mission Zero (Part 2)


An hour had passed since agent Stig had regained consciousness.  And despite his violent struggles against his bondage, he had been unable to free himself.  To make things worse, his suit had continued its erotic assault on his helpless body.  It was as if a dozen set of hands were constantly caressing him in his most sensitive places.

The commands he’d programmed into his suit to hide his erection had also been over-ridden when he was unconscious, which meant that his throbbing erection was plainly visible to anyone looking at his helpless body.

After an hour of struggling, Agent Stig finally exhausted himself. Unable to escape from his bondage, or to prevent the erotic massage his reprogrammed uniform was forcing upon him, Stig came to the conclusion that it was wiser to save his energy for a future opportunity at escape. So he forced himself to calm down and relax, and tried everything he could to distract his mind from the intensely erotic effect his bondage and suit were having on him.

Lost in his kinky predicament, Agent Stig jerked at his restraints when he finally heard a voice. The voice did not come from within the room, but through the integrated communication system in his helmet.  “Agent Stig, I trust you are enjoying the accommodations we have to offer?  It was foolish of you to come looking for your missing Agent Smith.  Since his capture, we have been studying his suit and technology which is what has made your capture so easy.  Every technique that will be used on you has already been used to break Agent Smith”.

Stig tried to reply, but before he had the chance he felt something expanding in the mouthpiece of his helmet.  He groaned as he realized that the helmet was gagging him!  Next he felt the lining expand, making it almost painfully tight.  Because Agent Stig hadn’t read the operation manual for his uniform, he had no way of knowing that this mechanism was a protection protocol to help prevent agents from revealing sensitive or secret information.  The version of the uniform Stig was wearing had remote sensing capabilities, that allowed Mission Managers to monitor and control certain aspects of the bodysuit and helmet from great distances away.  In the event that an agent was being coerced into divulging top secret information that could jeopardize the continuity of The Agency, Mission Managers could remotely trigger air bladders in the agent’s helmets.  These air bladders were designed so that when triggered, they would expand into the mouths of the person wearing it; effectively gagging the agent, and preventing him from unintentionally revealing top secret information.

Other air bladders could also be triggered that would prevent the helmet from being removed from an agent’s head. This was especially effective if/when an agent was rendered unconscious, and his captors wanted to remove his helmet to reveal his identity. Agent Stig’s captor had hacked his suit and helmet, and triggered these air bladders, as well as the gag bladder, which caused Stig’s helmet to be irremovably tight.

Agent Stig heard the computerized voice of his suit, “Activating enclosure protocol.”  Normally an agent’s suit allows a small gap of skin on the neck for comfort, but in situations where the agent is threatened with gas or chemical substances it can completely enclose the body.  With the command issued to Stig’s suit, the black material of his suit constrained tightly around his neck.  Next it sealed into the base of his helmet, finally covering every inch of skin.

“In case you were in any doubt Agent Stig, your helmet and suit are in my complete control.  Now I think a change in scenery is needed for you.  And your bonds look a little loose, don’t you think?”  Another surge of electricity was sent through Agent Stig’s body.  The suit forced the air from his lungs.  He fought for consciousness as two men in skin tight black body suits entered the room.  They stared at him from behind their black helmets, and watched him writhe and gasp for air…Darkness…

The Mirror Room…

“Wake up Agent Stig.”  The voice boomed inside Stig’s helmet as he slowly came around.  “Welcome to the mirror room!”

It didn’t take too long for Stig to find out why it was called the mirror room.  As soon as he could get his eyes to focus, he looked up towards the ceiling and was both frightened and excited by what he saw.  He was looking at a mirror reflection of himself tied down in an impossibly tight spread eagle.  His boots were held in thick metal clamps, while his wrists were held in thick rubber cuffs.  Each cuff was attached to a thin metal cable, and each cable was stretched tight to the corners of the bondage bed he was now imprisoned on.  The cables were tight, and he found it nearly impossible to move.  He was stretched out tight and wide, and extremely vulnerable. And it showed!

The bed itself was covered in rubber. The smell added to the erotic sensation of being bound.  Mirrors were positioned throughout the room so that where ever Agent Stig looked he would see himself in bondage.  When he woke up, he already had a throbbing erection.  As he watched himself struggle against his bondage, he wondered to himself if his captors helped arouse him right before he awoke.  He also wondered how many hours he’d been unconscious, having seen none of the outside world since his capture.  His captors had disabled the date/time field in the helmet’s HUD.

As he continued to look around, he noticed that to his left there was a large black display screen embedded in the wall of mirrors.  At present there was no image on it, but he could still see his own reflection in the polished surface of the screen.

“Now that you have had a chance to look at your surroundings, let me introduce you to your room mate.” A black catsuit clad figure entered the room.  He stared at Agent Stig silently from behind the black visor of his helmet.  “Say hello to the drone.  Studying your employer’s suit technology has allowed me to create some appropriately motivated drones of my own.  It wasn’t hard to find a willing fetish lover like yourself who was willing to be programmed for my purposes.  I will spare you the details of his programming, except for this. Your precious Agent Smith can see you right now, and every sensation that my little drone receives through his suit will be digitally transmitted to the newly enhanced suit that Agent Smith is now wearing.”

Suddenly, the large display screen embedded into the wall of mirrors was activated. Agent Stig stared motionlessly at the screen, as it revealed the the bound form of a man struggling in bondage.  The man was wearing an absolutely skin tight black body suit, and was stretched out in a tight spread eagle on a bondage exactly as he was. Stig knew it was Agent Smith!

The voice being pumped into his helmet confirmed who the man was, “Right now, Agent Smith is getting a video feed straight from my drone’s helmet.  He will feel everything the drone feels.  Every touch, every groan, even the warmth from your helpless bound body.”.

Stig let out a groan of despair as he felt his suit constrain around him limiting his movement further.  The air ways in his helmet narrowed restricting is breathing further like a gasmask.  As the drone moved over him, Stig made a futile attempt to free himself from his bondage.  The bed responded by retracting the cables attached to his wrists and ankles, pulling him deeper into the rubber mattress.

“We know how much Agent Smith was looking forward to your Gauntlet interrogation; he’s been admiring you ever since you collected your agent uniform.  And now he’ll get to feel you orgasm without ever touching you”.  Stig looked over to the screen to see Agent Smith struggling and groaning.  “He can see you Agent Stig, and soon he will feel you”.
He felt the drone cup his hard cock through the skin tight material of his bodysuit.  Slowly it ran his fingers up and down the length of Stig’s erect shaft.  Agent Stig’s erection twitched with each touch.  None of the suit’s sensitivity control programs were available for him to activate.  He was powerless to stop the drone, as it lowered his helmeted head to his groin and slowly nuzzled it with the chin bar of his helmet.  Finally the drone slithered onto Stig, his hands sliding up his legs, groin, and chest before clasping his helmet.  The drone stared into Agent Stig’s black visor. Stig heard no sound, other than the brainwashed body inside breathing.  Stig could hear Agent Smith’s groans through the monitor, he tried to turn his head to look but the drone kept his helmet tightly clasped in his leather gloved hands.  Then the drone forced Stig’s head to the right, so he could see himself reflected in the mirrors.

The drone started to grind against him.  Stig’s groans became a mixture of pleasure and despair.  “We don’t need to resort to vibrators any more Agent Stig.”  Stig writhed and pulled wildly against his bonds as the stimulation from his suit intensified.  The drone held his helmet down as he thrust against him.

“Activate orgasm control”.  Both agents let out a groan as their suits deployed the final defense against an agent orgasm.  In the event of capture, a lubricating fluid can be deployed inside the agent’s uniform to reduce friction and the transmission of physical sensation.  This was supposed to have a numbing affect, which reduced sensitivity to touch.  But as Stig felt the substance release in his skin tight body suit, it seemed to have the opposite effect on his cock sliding against the tight material of the suit.  His captors had clearly swapped the lube for something which increased his sensitivity!

“Mmmmphhh”.  Stig’s inexperience started to work against him.  He hadn’t yet been trained in orgasm control like other agents.  That was supposed to be part of the Gauntlet.

“It seems that Agent Smith can’t resist you, Agent Stig”.  The drone forced Stig to view the monitor to his left.  Agent Smith moaned out with each trust of the drone.  “Now he’s finally going to feel you cum”.

Stig was on the edge of orgasm, when the trusts stopped and the drone sat up straddling his body.  So far Stig had resisted the urge to thrust back. However, now he was on the edge or orgasm.  The drone silently stared at him waiting for Stig to grind back.

“You see Agent Stig, being in contact with my drone has linked both you and Agent Smith together.  Right now he is held like you… on the very edge of orgasm.  All you have to do to end both of your suffering is to grind back against my drone, and I will allow both of you to cum.  The Drone squeezed Agent Stig with his thighs and pressed down on his chest.  Although he hadn’t yet gone through the Gauntlet, Agent Stig had been subject to many training scenarios at the Academy.  But nothing of this intensity.  The drone squeezed him again.  By this time, the effect of his suit fighting against him had started to overpower the limited resistance tactics he had been taught.  It was as if during this whole process all of the imagery and sensations had been designed to program him.  Stig tried to fight his physical urge as he slowly started to trust up against the drone.  He could hear Agent Smith’s helpless moans from the monitor, but it he couldn’t stop himself.  All he wanted now was to cum and end some of his torment.  The drone lowered himself back to being fully on Agent Stig’s body grinding in time with each thrust.

Closer, and closer, and closer to the edge.

Finally the now previously silent drone started to groan, also being brought to the edge of orgasm.  Clearly the feed between the drone and Agent Smith was two way, and he was now feeling the same urge to cum as the captured agents.  Agent Stig’s resistance was now gone.  He writhed and moaned inside his helmet as he finally could no longer hold back, feeling the warm explosion inside his suit.  The drone let out a groan as it writhed on top of him.  Stig could feel the drone’s hard cock pumping under his skin tight body suit.  Finally the drone collapsed on top of him. He looked towards the monitor in the wall, and Stig could see that Agent Smith had cum as well. His chest still rapidly rising and falling.

“Now agents, I need to keep those suits of yours clean”

Stig watched the monitor as a clear tube snaked up from the side of Agent Smith.  It touched his suit several times as if exploring his body for something.  Finally it attached itself to the suit right at the tip of Agent Smith’s hard cock, and began to suck his fluid right through the skintight suit.  Stig groaned as he felt a tube snaking up his own body.  In seconds it was attached and sucking the cum from his suit, as well.  Stig let out a loud moan as it sucked what little air existed between his suit and body, forming it around his hard cock even tighter.  He watched Agent Smith writhe as the tube sucked every last ounce of cum from his suit.

“Well done Agent Stig, time for sleep”.  A purple gas filled the room.  Agent Stig tried to hold his breath but the suit forced him to inhale. The sweet smelling gas began filling his lungs.

Darkness once again…

As he was slowly coming around, Agent Stig could vaguely sense that he was being fixed into his new bonds. He could feel thick leather bondage cuffs being attached to his wrists and ankles, and thought he remembered hearing the distinct sound of locks being clicked shut as heavy steel cables were securely fastened to each cuff.  He barely responded when the steel cables were retracted into the upper and lower corners of the steel frame, lifting him off of the floor and stretching him out into a vertical spread eagle with just the front part of his feet barely touching the ground. It wasn’t until he felt hands gently massaging his nipples and erection, that he started willing himself to wake up.

Agent Smith was awake, however. And he was pissed! Mad as hell at himself, for the effect that watching this junior agent being placed in bondage was having on him. Smith had been forced to watch as his pupil was brought in and fixed into the vertical rack.  He knew the information that had been gathered from the study of his own suit had led to the capture and torture of Agent Stig. Watching Stig being bound had an undeniable effect on Agent Smith.

But there wasn’t a damn thing Agent Smith could do about it. Because for the last 30 minutes, he had been fighting against the same bondage that Stig now found himself in. Smith had his own set of thick leather bondage cuffs locked around his wrists and ankles, and was tightly stretched into a stringent vertical spread eagle with steel cables locked onto his leather restraints and retracted into his own bondage rack. He was stretched out so tight that only his toes were touching the ground.

To make matters worse for Agent Smith, his body was still being assaulted by the two drones that were massaging his nipples and groin when he woke up. Regardless of their mental capabilities, they were experts at the art of erotic torment. One drone continuously focused on Agent Smith’s nipples, using only his fingertips as torture devices. The other drone freely roamed Agent Smith’s entire body with his hands, focusing much of his attention on his lower abdomen, groin, and butt. With his firm nipples and hard erection visible through his skin tight catsuit, there was no denying that his body was enjoying the attention, even though his mind was not.

And now that Agent Stig was stretched taught and restrained within his rack, his body was just as vulnerable to the two new drones who were beginning their kinky attack on his most sensitive areas. As Smith watched Agent Stig begin to wake up and fight against his bonds, there was a sudden mechanical whirring noise coming from somewhere beneath their feet. It must have been the winch system that the cables attached to their leather restraints was attached to, because both agents could feel themselves being slowly stretched apart within their bondage frames. By the time the mechanical noise stopped, both agents were stretched to their limits.  Only the very tips of their toes could touch the floor, but only if they stayed very still.  If they struggled at all, they would be completely suspended.

As the drones continued exploring the helpless body of each agent, the disembodied voice in their helmets finally returned. “What a happy reunion this is, isn’t it?”

As if on cue, all of the drones stopped what they were doing to the Agents and left the room.  Leaving just Agent Stig and Agent Smith staring at each. Their bondage frames were only a few feet apart, so each agent had a perfect view of the other. There was a sudden erotic tension in the room that wasn’t there before, and for a brief moment neither agent was struggling. They both stood there, looking at each other.  Almost admiring the image of the other agent in bondage, tied up and stretched out in their impossibly tight bodysuits exposing their firm nipples and flexing erections. It was Agent Smith who first shook his head, almost to say “snap out of it”, and returned his attention to his restraints. With a similar shake of his head, Agent Stig did the same. But his efforts were only half hearted, as he was severely distracted by the erotic bondage struggling Agent Smith was displaying directly in front of him.

The agents were left to their struggles for a short while, when suddenly they heard another mechanical whirring noise. Instead of coming from below the ground, this time it came from somewhere behind Agent Stig.  Because of his stringent bondage position, Stig was unable to turn his head enough to see what was going on behind him. But if the limited body language that Agent Smith could display was any indication, it could not be good.

The voice in the helmets returned. “You have a choice to make, Agent Smith.”

To be continued…

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Special Note: Stig, thank you so much for this wonderfully kinky second chapter to Agent Stig: Mission Zero! I can’t wait to see where this story takes us. I really wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, because it would be really fun playing these bondage adventures out for real. Perhaps one day…

Can’t wait to see what your kinky mind comes up with next!