Not Fair!

I am never one to shy away from a bondage escape challenge.

So when the guys over at Serious Male Bondage challenged me to an escape challenge, I was more than willing to pour myself into my tightest catsuit and let them strap me down to this bondage bed.

And even after the leather bondage hood and leather bondage mitts were locked onto me, and I was strapped down to the bed with medical restraints at my wrists and ankles, I still thought I had a chance to win this challenge. I guess they thought so too. Because after watching me nearly escape during 30 minutes of intense struggling, they decided to add a ridiculous amount of leather straps to make things very difficult for me.

One by one, they used every strap they had to tightly bind me to the bondage bed I was already restrained to. And with each strap, I could feel my chances for escape disappear.  By the time they were done adding all of these black straps, I literally could not move my body. I had to struggle just to breath, let alone trying to escape.

Just look at how tight those straps are! I just love how you can see the impressions and bulges the tight straps make against my skin tight catsuit.  Too bad we didn’t take video of this scene, because I’m told the sight of my muscles flexing and spasming against the leather straps was pretty damn kinky. My muscles weren’t the only thing that looked good fighting against those leather straps!

So I guess they technically won this bondage escape challenge. But I stick by my story that if they wouldn’t have added all those black straps after the fact, I would have won this challenge. I’m not one to cry over spilled milk, though.  So since I’m heading to the Serious Bondage Institute this weekend, I am throwing down another bondage escape challenge.  Guys, chain me down to your bondage bed as tight as you can. Use as many chains as you want! I’ll show you how to win a bondage escape challenge…

Catsuit Bondage Straps

Note: I crack myself up sometimes. I just hope the guys at the SBI don’t take me too seriously. I’ll let you know…