My weekend at the Serious Bondage Institute has been another amazing experience! I’ve done some crazy scenes so far, and have some incredible scenes still line up.

I’ve been tied up most of the time, so that is why I haven’t had much time to update this place with frequent updates. And since I will be tied up for most of today, I probably won’t be able to post much at all.

So to honor my promise for some kinky bondage pics this weekend, I will post some of the scenes we already shot throughout the rest of today.

This picture was from a set we did yesterday, where I got experience the infamous Deck Cell. We took some pre-shots of me strolling around on their deck completely covered in my skintight wetsuit, Lycra hood, and military boots (which looks really hot, if I do say so myself!).

I wasn’t too sure I was going to get off on this type of bondage, but once the guys at the SBI started locking the metal restraints and heavy chain around me I was a changed man. The feel of all that chain and metal gear locked to the concrete of the Deck Cell was absolute one of the most intense things I have ever experienced. Absolutely no give!

Yeah, it was cool!  And I so want to do it again.

Well, gotta run.  The fiberglass casting scene is next, and from what I’m told it will probably be four hours before I get a chance to post again.  Wish me luck.