Spy Games


As a seasoned veteran in this crazy spy business, I’ve lived through some really intense experiences. From being captured and interrogated by sinister organizations hell bent on world domination, to being used as a political pawn in a kinky game of government contractors gone bad. I’ve seen it all.

Or so I thought…

This mission was proceeding according to protocol. And I was well on my way to the extraction point with the information I came for, when I heard her voice for the first time.

When I turned around and saw the business end of a double-barreled rail gun six inches in front of my face, I knew that my options were limited. And the only two options she gave me were to either cooperate, or to find out first hand if my uniform could withstand the full impact of her new rail gun at a very close range. I did what all of you would do; I chose to stay alive and fight another day.

With a maniacal laugh, she held her menacing weapon on me as her servants locked me into a metal bondage contraption in a secluded room deep within the compound. When she was satisfied that my captivity was complete, she demanded that every one else leave the room. She then locked the door.  From the inside!

Her intimate search of my body for weapons began immediately, and was very thorough! Once she was completely satisfied that I wasn’t hiding anything under my skin tight uniform, she began to reveal the diabolical plans she had for me.  Apparently she’s been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and (in my opinion) had been planning every detail for my stay for way too long. I was really beginning to question her sanity.

I was also beginning to wonder if I made the right choice when staring down the barrel of that rail gun earlier…

To be continued.  Oh yes, to be continued…