Captured Heroes: Spiderman Spreadeagle

Captured Heroes: Spiderman Spreadeagle.

Spiderman tied up!

These new images over at the Captured Heroes website have reminded me that I need to work on a Part 2 of the Spiderman and the Bondage Agency story I started a while ago.

I think Part 2 will pick up a few hours following the events of the first one. Spiderman is so completely exhausted after the hours of intense vibrator torture, that he is unable to resist the training specialists as they stretch him out and tie him down tightly to a bondage bed tucked away in one of the dozens of secret rooms hidden within the training facility. The four electronic winches located at each corner of the bed are activated, and the computerized training program begins to slowly draw in the cords attached to Spiderman’s wrists and ankles. Spiderman is slowly drawn out to his breaking point, only then to have the winches slowly give slack back in the cords. But just enough slack for Spiderman to minimally flex his arms and legs in a futile attempt at escaping his bondage. This cycle is set to repeat for the next 8 hours.

The training specialists inform Spiderman that this is how he will sleep every night, for the remainder of his stay at the facility.

And then they leave…