Chair Tied in Spandex Catsuit

Chair Tied – lycrabrasil –

I don’t really do any self bondage. But watching this video of lycrabrasil tied to a chair in his Spandex catsuit gives me all sorts of kinky ideas. I’ve got this idea bouncing inside of my head right now, where I chain myself into a tight spread eagle on a bondage rack in my garage. I’ll post the GPS coordinates and key code to my garage on my website, and the first guy who shows up can do whatever he wants to me (as long as he doesn’t remove my new latex catsuit). I’ll be sure to have a couple of vibrators already plugged in before you show up.

Not sure if there would be any takers, though.  I mean, I live way up here in Minnesota now.  Probably aren’t any other kinky bondage guys up here.  Right?!?!