Just Out of Reach

This is a picture taken with my iPhone during a weekend bondage adventure I did in Wisconsin last year. I had just driven my Kingpin three hours in extremely heavy rain, and was both very wet and very cold when I got to my friend’s house. I was literally shaking because I was so cold, and thought my friend’s idea to take a long hot shower sounded like a fine plan. After using up all the hot water, I turned off the shower and opened up the door to grab a towel. I just smiled when I saw my catsuit hanging from the hook on the back of the door.

Not wanting to disappoint my host, I suited up and left the relative safety of the bathroom to meet my fate…

I found my friend sorting through a few hundred feet of rope in his bedroom. He stopped what he was doing, and graciously helped me straighten out the remaining wrinkles in my suit. But because it fit perfectly skin tight, I think he just wanted to feel me up and down before he started tying me up. Again, who am I to disappoint the guy who was about to tie me up for the weekend?

Happy that my suit was smooth and tight, he told me that he turned up the heat in his bedroom to help warm me up some more. I could feel it getting noticeably warm in his room. And by the time he had me stretched out and tied down to his bed, I could already feel that familiar layer of sweat forming between my body and the tight PVC suit I was wearing.

I was only tied by my wrists and ankles, when he told me of his kinky plan for me that afternoon. I had unknowingly found myself in a well planned bondage escape challenge that involved a lot of chains, nude bondage, and some of his friends that were stopping by later that night, if I didn’t escape in two hours.

He genuinely laughed me as he continued to tie me to his bed, even as I struggled as hard as I could to free myself. By the time he was done tying me down, I knew it was hopeless. I fought my bondage as hard as I could, and got real close to escaping. But in the end, I failed. It wasn’t until I saw this image, that I realized how easy it could have been to untie myself. But because of how tight I was stretched out in this bondage position, I am not sure it would have helped even if I could have gotten my fingers on these knots.

I guess the good thing about struggling as hard as I did against this bondage, is that I was literally dripping with sweat when they began stripping me naked! Definitely a fun way to warm up after a cold, wet bike ride!!