Tight Enough!

Often times when I look back at pictures from a bondage scene, I have some regret over wasted opportunities. Either the bondage didn’t look tight enough, a piece of rope was out of place, or the lighting was just wrong. There’s usually something…

But not with this shot!

I don’t think this picture of me taken in the Serious Bondage chair could have turned out any better. The straps binding me to the chair were impossibly tight, which you can tell by the bulges in my suit. And I just love the way the lighting perfectly contrasts those black leather straps against the absolutely skin tight PVC catsuit I am wearing here.

Granted, I had very little to do with how cool this picture turned out. All I did was sit there as my friends did all the work. But at least I think they had a little fun strapping me down, especially when they used their tools to help make those straps so damn tight.

I’m so ungrateful sometimes.