Tied to the Bed

Here are some more pictures from a bondage weekend I spent with my friend in Cleveland a while back.  These were taken just a few minutes after I got off the plane from Minneapolis, right after I got to his house and poured myself into this new bodysuit I had custom made for me just for this occasion.

This is definitely the tightest suit I have ever owned! The material this suit is made out of is actually very unforgiving, and doesn’t stretch all that much. The guys I had make this for me did a great job custom-fitting it to my exact measurements.  The suit kind of just pops on when I slide it up my body, and looks like it’s spray painted on me some times.

Sadly it’s starting to get a bit worn out after getting tied up in it so many times.  I’m trying to figure out if I should get another one just like it, or pick up one of these bad boys.  Since I’m getting into an Under Armour kink recently, I’m leaning towards the Recharge.  What do you think?

Anyway, here are the pics of me tied up in my new (at the time) skin tight blue catsuit.  This was part of an extended bondage scene, where I was tied to the bed in this catsuit for almost four hours that night.  These particular pictures were at the beginning of that scene.  Here are some more pictures that show me a bit more tied up, with more rope anchoring me down to the bed at the knees and elbows.

Trapper Smith Catsuit BondageTrapper Smith Catsuit BondageTrapper Smith Catsuit BondageTrapper Smith Catsuit Bondage