What Were We Thinking?

Every now and then, my kinky bondage buddies and I do a scene that turns out really cool. Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of ’em.

We wanted to do something with shrink wrap, but didn’t have anywhere near enough for a mummification. So in a moment of pure genius, I grabbed my buddies vibrator, held it up to my crotch, and asked “How about this?”

With no better ideas, we went with it. And before long I found myself tightly tied to the bed in a snug Spandex wetsuit being tormented by a powerful vibrator strapped to my throbbing erection.

I do have to admit that this felt amazing, in a bizarre and kinky way! The shrink wrap held the vibrator firmly on my erection, and no matter how much I moved my hips I just couldn’t get away from that damn thing.

After the first time my friend made me cum, he turned the vibrator to it’s lowest setting and then spent the next 90 minutes flicking and massaging my nipples with just his finger tips. He made me cum two more times before finally untying from his bed.

I have quite a few pics and a really intense video from this scene, but I just can’t help thinking this looks like a diaper fetish scene. And I’m not really into that. Too bad, because this is one of my more memorable scenes as a sub.

So what do you think? Should I post more of my diaper bondage pics?

Tied to the Bed