When Twitter Attacks

“Anyone want to tie up a superhero today?  I dare you”

“Just promise me that you’ll tie me down extra tight, so I can’t escape too easily. I’m a struggler!”

He’d been posting tweets like this all morning, with pictures of himself wearing his brand new skin tight Robin costume while lounging around the patio of his house in the country.  Just harmless, anonymous fun with the few people who find him and his website interesting and follow his kinky antics.

Now fast forward a few hours…

He had no idea that the Twitter app he used on his iPhone included geolocation coordinates of the pictures he uploaded.  And since he was still wearing his superhero costume and sitting outside on his patio when the white van pulled up, it didn’t take his captors long to realize they had the right superhero to catch.

His kidnapping was swift.  The bondage was tight.  They Twittered everything!


Note: No, this is not me in these pics.  But I really wish it was.  I need to get some good pics taken of me in my new Robin costume!!