Yes, I still have to tell you the full story of what happened that weekend I was kidnapped in my Under Armour bodysuit and kept as a bondage toy for three kinky girls I know. Even though it was a blast, I promised my friend Amber that I would pay her back.

Well, tonight is payback time!

As a result of some very careful planning on my part, she’s securely tied to my bed right now. I can’t take all of the credit, though. I did have the help of two of our other kinky friends help me wrestle her down, put her into a Spandex catsuit, and eventually get her stretched out and tied down to my bed. She fought pretty hard at first, but when someone inserted a vibrator into her, she started to calm down pretty fast.

So she’s in there right now, struggling against the ropes and restraints keeping her stretched out on the bed. We kept the vibrator in her and turned on low, so besides keeping her frustrated and vulnerable, she won’t be getting any relief any time soon.

It’s going to be a long night for her. But after what she did to me a few weeks ago, she mostly deserves everything we have planned.

There will be a few more before she’s done.