So We Meet Again!

Yes.  You got the upper hand on me last time, Alice.  I’ll give you that.  And it really was only through some random luck (and a bit of bad planning on your part) that I was able to escape from your kinky bondage game right before you were going to unmask me on your live video stream.  I still can’t believe you didn’t check the sole of my boots.  The instant you decided to chain me down into that hogtie, I knew my freedom was guaranteed.

I still need that device; the one I was looking for when you and your small army found me and subdued me.  But your minions have all but abandoned you now, haven’t they?.  Left you alone in this bizarre world of hide and seek to fend for yourself.  So I’m coming for what I need, and I’m coming prepared.  A new suit, some new gadgets, and a few other tricks I have been working on.  I’m coming today.  I dare you to try and stop me!

You will never get me in this position again?..