I Created a Monster

When my straight college room mate first discovered he liked tying me up in my tight Spandex suits, he was mostly interested in using leather wrist and ankle restraints to tie me down to the bed.  He would stretch me out as tight as he could, and then just sit and watch me while I tried to get loose.  As he got more comfortable with the idea of tying me up, he began to explore my body with his hands after he made me helpless.  Often times, keeping me tied down for a few hours while he played with me.  Eventually, he discovered the effects nipple play and vibrators had on me.

So after spending almost two months tied to my bed nearly every night, imagine my surprise when I got home one morning after class to find my Spandex wetsuit folded neatly next to a large pile of new rope on my bed.  Usually when he wanted to tie me up, he would just ask.  He had never set out bondage gear like this before.  I do have to say that it turned me on when I realized he was planning something like this while I was at school!

Never one to pass up an opportunity to get tied up, I changed into the suit my room mate had laid out on the bed.  Properly suited up now, I went to find my room mate.  He was in the living room, sitting on the couch doing some home work.  When he saw me in my suit, his face turned a bright shade of red!

He explained to me that although he’s been having a good time using the leather cuffs to tie me to my bed, he really wanted to tie me up in a different position that he’s been fantasizing about, and using nothing but rope.  And then he told me that if I let him do this, he would tie me down to my bed when he’s done and make everything worth it!

Who am I to stand in the way of someone’s rope bondage fantasy?!?! Smile

So we went back to my bedroom, where I let my room mate spend the next couple of hours experimenting with rope bondage.  It turned out that his fantasy was to tie me into a full-body rope harness, with my arms tied behind my back at the wrists and elbows and my legs tied together at my thighs, knees, and ankles.  He also wanted to integrate a crotch harness into everything, so that when I struggled everything would focus on my crotch.  Even for the best bondage riggers, this would be a complicated tie.  After a couple of hours, my room mate finally got me tied into something he was happy with.  It wasn’t exactly what he wanted when we first began, but it did render me completely helpless.  After a few minutes of watching me struggle against his rope harness, he told me he had another idea.  Grabbing another rope, he attached one end to my ankles and then fed the other end through the mass of ropes binding my wrists together.  He pulled on the rope slowly but firmly, and before I fully realized what was happening, I found myself in a super stringent hogtie.  The rope harness binding my body together became much tighter in my new position, and actually made it quite difficult to move.  As I fought against my bondage, I could see my skin and muscles actually bulge against the ropes where they crisscrossed my body.  The crotch ropes were the worst!  I could tell that my room mate was now quite happy with his rope work.  I know I was!

After fighting against my bondage for another thirty minutes, I did manage to loosen the rope arching me into the hogtie.  But that was about it.  I had expected that by loosening this rope, the rest of my rope harness would also loosen up.  But that wasn’t the case.  It remained very tight.  And being able to stretch out now, the tightness of the harness felt really, really good!

Not really struggling to escape any more, I started moving around on the bed in a way that let me enjoy the restrictive feel of my rope harness.  I think my room mate figured out what I was doing right away, though.  Because he suddenly stood up and reminded me of the promise he made to make my cooperation worth my troubles.  It was time to be tied to the bed!

And tied to the bed I was!  But not in the way I had expected.  Instead of untying me and then tying me to the bed in a tight spread eagle, like I thought, my room mate tied me down while keeping me in his rope harness.  He took ropes and tied my ankles to the footboard.  He then took two more ropes and anchored the part of the rope harness going around my shoulders to the head board.  He pulled these ropes extremely tight before tying them off, which increased the tension on my entire rope harness.  Especially the crotch ropes!  When I felt how my erection was pressing against the Spandex pressing against it, it was my turn to get a bit embarrassed.

My room mate wasn’t done.  He took several more ropes, and then anchored my stretched out body to both sides of the bed at my ankles, knees, crotch, elbows, and shoulders.  The effect felt like I was laying in the middle of a very kinky spider web.  Everything was tight!  The slightest movement made the web tighten around me, and everything was focused directly on my crotch.  Even the simple act of breathing would transfer erotic sensations directly to the core of my body.  Because of the way I was bound with my arms behind me, the only parts of my body that could move was my head and my toes.  I wanted more than anything to see how I was bound, but before my room mate tied me down he locked a leather blind fold around my head.  All I could was to imagine what I looked like.

My room mate let me enjoy my personal fantasy for probably ten minutes, before the erotic assault on my body began.  It started as a gentle finger tip alternating from one nipple to the other.  It then quickly escalated to both nipples being massaged at the same time by finger tips making slow, circular motions around the firm nipples that must be poking through the tight Spandex stretched across my chest.  I was breathing very shallow by now, fighting against the slight body spasms triggered by this erotic massage.  This isolated nipple torment went on for probably another twenty minutes, before my room mate started sharing this assault with the rest of my body.

He moved his hands down my body, only touching it with his finger tips in slow, methodical motions.  He would spend several minutes on each muscle group, while eventually focusing his touch on my lower abdomen and upper thighs.  Every once in a while, he would meet in the middle and rub his finger tips up and down my erection for only a few moments.  Never once letting me get close to going over the edge.

This full body torment went on for probably another 45 minutes, before he moved back to my nipples.  This time, his touch was a bit firmer.  Still gentle, but more purposeful.  More intense.  I was trying to fight against my bondage pretty hard now, because I really wanted to go over the edge.  I was using my bound wrists to pull against the crotch rope as hard as I could, but being bound as tight as I was I couldn’t get enough force to do anything other than increasing my frustration.

Without warning, my friend took one hand and slowly but firmly began to rub his palm up and down the Spandex covering my erection.  With the assault still going on my right nipple and the added sensation on my crotch, my climax was nearly instantaneous.  And it seemed to last forever.  My friend just kept massaging my nipple and erection, as I struggled to end the climax he was forcing on me.  Never one to beg, I just kept biting my lower lip as I struggled against my bondage torture.  Eventually he relented.

He let me calm down for a few minutes, before removing the leather blindfold covering my eyes.  I held up my head to look at the web of rope tying me down, and was fairly impressed at what he accomplished.  It truly did look like I was laying in the middle of a spider web!  Everything was stretched very tight, but yet I was perfectly comfortable.  The ropes tying me to the sides of the bed were well placed, and pulled everything nice and tight.  I struggled a bit to see if I could find any weakness, but the only thing I accomplished was to start making myself hard again.  My friend picked up on my growing excitement and started rubbing his fingers across my nipples again.

After a few minutes of this, I finally asked to be untied so I could go to the bathroom.  Besides needing to clean myself up, I had to go pee really bad.  That’s what being tied up for over three hours can do to you.  Smile

After getting untied and peeling my wet Spandex suit off of my body, I scurried to the bathroom to do my business.  I realized I was a bit soar now from being tied up for so long, so I decided to jump in the shower to relax.  Hot showers are the perfect way to relax after an intense bondage session!

Completely refreshed and dried off after my shower, I covered myself with a towel and walked back into my bedroom to get dressed.  While I was in the shower, my friend had cleaned up the mess we had made in the bedroom earlier and had put  away most of the bondage gear he used on me.  Most, but not all!  I just shook my head in surprise, because laying on the end of my bed were four ropes with leather wrist and ankle restraints tied to them, my red ball gag with black leather straps that lock behind my head, the leather blindfold he used on me earlier, and my black PVC catsuit.

You know me; I simply just can’t pass up an opportunity to dress up in fetish gear and get tied up.  So I laughed to myself as I changed into the tight PVC suit my room mate had laid out on the bed. Properly suited up now, I went to find my room mate again. He was in the living room, sitting on the couch doing some more home work.  When he saw me in my suit, his face turned a bright shade of red!  Deja vu?

I spent the next four hours blind folded, gagged, stretched out, and tied down on my bed again, as my room mate experimented and discovered every single erogenous zone on my body!


Note: Here’s a pic my room mate took of me tied up in his rope harness.  He took this right before he tied me down to my bed (the first time).  I have a few more of these, so let me know if you want me to post them.

Tied Up By Room Mate