Gift Wrapped

For some reason, the group of friends I hang out with seem to think that every time we get together it is an opportunity for them to tie me up.  Sure, you could say I make it easy for them when I pour myself into a tight catsuit, hold my wrists and ankles out while they strap leather restraints around them, lay still while they pull each limb tightly and tie it off to a bed post, and then struggle in a suggestive manner while they play with my defenseless body.  But every single time we get together?  Come on guys…

Take this picture, for example.  The morning this picture was taken started out like every other morning.  I was minding my own business and preparing for a day of Christmas shopping, when I got a call from Amber asking for a little help.  Being the nice guy that I am, of course I said yes.  I was going to the mall anyway…

Well, guess what happened?  Yup!  That’s right.  By the end of the afternoon, I had been tricked into letting two girls wearing skin tight PVC catsuits tie me to a chair in front of my Christmas tree while they negotiated the rules for a bondage escape challenge that would ultimately end with me tied to my bed (for the second time that day, by the way) and the winner having sole possession of a powerful vibrator.  The loser of the challenge?  She will be strapped to the chair I’m currently tied to, and forced to watch my torment.  I’m gagged, so I have no say in the matter!

Yeah, I’m working on that story.  It’s turning out to be quite long, so until I get time to finish it you’ll have to live with this teaser.  I just wanted to get this picture up before another Xmas comes and goes.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

Trapper Smith Tied to a Chair