Tied to a Chair

Here are the rest of the Christmas-themed bondage pictures I told you about a few days ago.  You know, the ones where I’m tied to a chair in front of my Christmas tree wearing nothing but a tight Spandex wetsuit!

I’ve been working on the full story of how my friends plotted for weeks to get me tied up like this, but obligations in my private life have been keeping me tied up lately.

That’s too bad, too.  Because that story of how they got me tied up like this, and what they did after they had me at their mercy, is pretty kinky.  Especially the part where they eventually release me from this chair tie, only tie me down to my bed in a tight spread eagle and use a vibrator to torture me for the rest of the night.

Don’t worry, I’ll post the story soon.  I just wanted to get these pictures published, while it’s still the Christmas season.

I hope you like ‘em!