The Tipping Point

People like bondage for a lot of different reasons.  For me, it’s about losing responsibility and giving up control to some one I trust.  Someone who has their own kinks, and enjoys tying me up as much as I like being tied up.  Nothing turns me on more than when a person makes me helpless just so they can play out their own fantasies on me.  And even though I write constantly about what happens after I get tied up, that usually isn’t the best part of a bondage scene for me.

My favorite part of every bondage scene I do is that moment where I realize I’m helpless.  Where I’m bound to the point I can no longer stop what’s about to happen.  This usually happens well before the bondage is complete, like in the image below.  You can see that my arms are basically free, and that I’m really only strapped into the chair by a leather belt around my waist.  But the bondage mitts encasing my hands made it impossible for me to undo that belt.  And even if I wanted to try and fight my captors off, they had such an advantage over me that it would have taken only minimal effort on their part to do this to me if I submitted or not.

I’ve willing crossed the line here.  The power has been exchanged, and I no longer had control of what happened to me.  I spent the next three hours strapped into the Serious Bondage chair so tight that I literally could not move anything except for my toes.  This picture was snapped probably less than five minutes into the scene, and it’s my favorite from the entire set.  Why?  Because it captures the moment in time where I realized I physically could not prevent kinky things from happening to me.  This is what I mean by the tipping point.

Strapped to the Serious Bondage Chair