Snow Day

Remember that story I told you about a couple of years ago, where I got snowed-in at a friend’s house and spent the entire day tied to his bed after losing a bondage challenge?  Well I do!  And it’s still the best snow day of my life.

I just found some of the video we took that day!  There is about six hours of it all together, but unfortunately most of it isn’t very exciting.  The bulk of it just shows a guy wearing a skin tight rubber catsuit tied to a bed, relaxing, and occasionally struggling against the rope binding his arms and legs to the posts at each of the four corners.  Since you guys probably don’t want to watch all of that, I’ll try to find some time over the next few days to edit it down to just the four really good parts.

Until then, enjoy this new pic taken directly from the video.  Compared to the pics in the original post, I’d say my Photoshop skills have been getting better over the years…

Tied to the Bed