Petting Zoo Exhibit

Just thought I would post a quick pic of me tied up in a wetsuit that a fan of my website bought me a few weeks ago (You know who you are. And I absolutely love your suit!). This scene happened at a bondage party I went to a couple of weeks ago. Per request from the host (who’s a kick ass bondage rigger, by the way!), I arrived about an hour early. I thought it was to help him set up the play space, but I found out that he had other plans. I was already wearing this skin tight suit under a fleece vest when I arrived at his house. Nothing else! (I love wearing full body Spandex in public). As soon as I opened up the door to his house, he and four of his friends grabbed me, held me down, and then locked a leather hood over my head. They also removed the vest and shoes I was wearing, which meant I was just wearing this suit. They pulled me up and two guys held my arms behind my back as they guided me through the house. When we got to where we were going, I was backed up to what I later found out was this table. They helped me up on it, and then four guys stretched me out and held down as my friend roped me down like this. It took less than five minutes from the moment I opened up the door until this picture was taken!

Here’s what the piece of paper on the wall above me says: “Petting Zoo Exhibit, Please Touch”

So as people arrived over the next two hours, my stretched out and bound body was the first thing they saw when they entered his house. About thirty people showed up, and all of them did exactly what the sign said. I was in a constant state of arousal and almost went over the edge probably a dozen times as the guests massaged me through this skin tight suit. It has been a really long time since I have been used like this, and I was loving every minute of it. I desperately wanted to cum, but because of the strict bondage they placed me in, the only movement I could manage was to slightly arch my back and raise my knees a little right before I was about to go over the edge. No matter how hard I pulled against the ropes, they simply would not budge. Surprisingly, the little movement I did have available was just enough to put a bit more pressure on the tight spandex holding my throbbing erection down. I could feel the tell-tale signs of pre-cum starting to leak several times, but every single time I prepared myself for a pending climax my tormenters would start rubbing handfuls of ice over my erection. They would rub the ice from the base of my erection to the tip of it, not relenting until the rigidity of my erection all but went away. And then they would start things back up by massaging my nipples, the insides of my thighs, and my cock and balls with their fingertips until I began arching my back and knees again. I honestly don’t know how many times this cycle repeated itself, but the result was always the same: pain, pleasure, anticipation, desperation, frustration, etc…

After two hours of this torment, I eventually had to tap out and asked to be untied so I could use the restroom. They released me and removed the hood. But they weren’t done with me and my suit yet!

And I still hadn’t cummed…

Bondage Petting Zoo

Bondage Petting Zoo Close Up