If my computer isn’t lying to me this morning, I have nearly 20,000 pictures of me tied up from all of the whacky bondage adventures I’ve been in over the years.  A lot of those pics aren’t all that interesting.  But there are a few gems in there that I really like.  This picture is one of my favorites!  It captures everything I like about my kink: Truly inescapable bondage and a perfectly skin tight catsuit.

I told you the story of how I found myself in this bondage scene a while ago, so go there and read it if you are interested.  This post is more about the nearly flawless tightness of this catsuit, than the ropes that kept me tied down in this bondage escape challenge.  Besides the slight wrinkles below my knees and around my neck, the suit is smooth.  And if you have ever worn a PVC catsuit before, you know how tight it has to fit to pull this look off.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to have worn a suit like this before, just imagine something that squeezes and compresses your body from every conceivable angle.  And then when you move, it pulls and tugs at you in ways that bends your senses at different angles.  Once it is on, you can’t adjust it either.  It creates a suction feeling if you do try to adjust it, which is why I get so many interesting shots of my crotch area with this thing.  If I don’t have things positioned just right when I pour myself into this suit, life gets very interesting when I’m trying to enjoy the erotic torment my captors eventually put me through.

I ordered this suit from  If you are ever in the buying mode for a suit like this, I can’t recommend that place enough.  Just be sure to tell them Trapper sent you.

Escape Challenge

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