The Banned Episode

Remember that live bondage feed we did last year?  You know, the one where my bondage buddy tied me to a giant king sized bed while I was wearing my perfectly tight Under Armour compression gear, and then did fantastically kinky things to me while I tried to escape?  Things involving vibrators, nipple torment, poppers, and lots and lots of edge play?

You don’t?  Oh, that’s right.  That’s because the morality police stepped in and stopped the live stream before the glue on the knots had the chance to dry.  And that really is too bad, too.  Because it was AWESOME!

I know.  I know.  That’s just mean rubbing it in like that, even months later.  As I promised, I will eventually find time to edit and post that video on my blog (I actually did start on that the other day, but trying to edit nearly four hours of Spandex bondage torture is more distracting than you might think).  I have a few things going on in the real world that need some of my attention for a while.  But yes, eventually you will be able to watch all the kinky things that happened that sunny July afternoon in downtown Minneapolis

Until then, here’s a picture for you to enjoy.  It was taken right around the time the live feed was shut down.  My friend was about to lock on the last leather cuff around my ankle and then tether it to the bed frame, when he decided to capture this image with my camera.  I kind of like it turned out, especially after the little Photoshopping I did to it tonight.  You’ll have to let me know what you think!

Tied Up in Under Armour