Rubberboy Vacuumed and Edged

rubberboy vacuumized and edged over a long time in Hannover

The first person in Minnesota with a latex vac bed can do this to me for no less than eight hours.  Since I knocked this suspension scene off of my bucket list last year, an erotic torture session  within the tight embrace of a latex vac bed is one of the last things remaining on that list.

Come on, someone has to have a vac bed out there.  Just look at the sheer sexiness of this thing!  Especially if you consider the boy squirming inside, trying to prevent the inevitable.  He’s going to go over the edge, and there’s nothing he know he can do about it.  I know some of you guys think like this.  Right?

Fine.  I guess I’ll just have to spend my tax refund on one of these things.  I just hope one of my kinky bondage buddies will know what to do with it once I’m laying in between those thin layers of latex…  🙂