Vacuum Bed Torment

Vacuum Bed Vibrator Torment Video

So, yeah.  I love being sealed in skin tight rubber, pvc, and/or Spandex, getting tied up or locked down, and then having my body tormented by finger tips and vibrators for hours on end until I’m pushed over the edge.  It’s one of life’s finer pleasures!

So now that you know that, you should not have any troubles understanding why I like this video.  I particularly like the parts when our friend is having his nipples massaged while the vibrator is held tightly against his crotch.

There is a chance I might find myself in a vac bed in the next week or so.  I just hope this is one of the things my friends do to me once all the air is sucked out and I find myself trapped between two inescapable layers of black rubber.  I’ll keep you posted on that…