Stupid Rain

Stupid rain!  This was supposed to be me today.  I was supposed to be the one tied up outside just like this in my Agent Smith fetish spy gear.  I was supposed to be the one with chains locked to my leather wrist and ankle cuffs/mitts, stretching me out tightly to the four corners of a St. Andrews cross my friend built just for this occasion.  I was supposed to be the one struggling for escape as my friends captors, wearing equally tight PVC catsuits, assaulted the thin material stretched across my entire body with their finger tips.  I was supposed to be the one with the secrets everyone wanted.  Secrets they were willing to torture me for.  Secrets they were willing to do anything for.

Stupid rain.


Note: So yeah, my friends and I were going to do our first Agent Smith bondage adventure in a long while.  We had it all planned out, and it was going to be awesome.  There was going to be lots of outdoor bondage, and everything.  The scenario my friends came up was based mostly on the picture above.  All it took was them to show me this picture, and I instantly agreed to let them do anything they wanted to do to me.  Just as long as they promised to leave me tied up like this in the sun for an hour or so, once they were done with me.  It’s really a win/win situation for everyone, don’t you think?

But when we woke up today, it was raining out.  Supposed to rain all day.  The real bummer is that our schedules won’t line up like this for a long time again.  Oh well, at least we have a Plan B.  What’s Plan B, you ask?  Well, it involves more training for my bondage challenge next weekend.  Smile

Stupid rain…