Chained in a Thunderstorm

We didn’t take any pics of my isolated bondage adventure in my back yard last night (didn’t want to bring too much attention to my situation with flash photography), I thought I would put a pic of me tied up in the same tight suit I was wearing when they chained me up in my shed in the middle of an intense thunderstorm.

So just imagine me wearing this tight PVC catsuit, with leather wrist and ankle cuffs locked on and stretching me out in a tight spread eagle by chains anchored/bolted to the floor and ceiling of my new shed.  The front doors were propped open and a dim lantern was placed on a shelf directly behind me so that my spread eagled and struggling outline was plainly visible for anyone who could see through the strong thunderstorm that was going on.

Hands down, one of the coolest and most relaxing bondage experiences of my life!  Plus, I now have proof that my new shed is completely water proof!  Except for the splashes of rain that came in every once in a while and peppered the front of my suit when the wind blew just right.  Just glad my friends anchored me about half way back, so I barely got wet at all.

I was chained up like this and enjoying the sights and sounds of an intense thunderstorm for about two hours, before my friends came back to let me go.  Love my friends!!!

Catsuit Bondage Harness