Esurance Axes Erin the Secret Agent (Minor Update)

Esurance Axes Erin After the Secret Agent Took on an X-Rated Life of Her Own – CBS News

And here I thought I was the only kinky guy with devious plans for Erin.  Plans involving her tied up in that erotic catsuit of hers, and all those kinky gadgets just waiting to be used on a vulnerable agent.

Oh well, I just hope she lives on in the more interesting corners of the Web now.  Perhaps I’ll see if I can clone her one day…

Erin from Esurance in Bondage
Erin from Esurance in her Signature Catsuit! Erin Esurance Spy

Updated: 6/3/2012

Just a few more pics of Erin from Esurance in compromising bondage positions!  Love the one with Flo!

Have to admit, she looks good wrapped up in all that rope over her tight black catsuit!  Right?

Erin from Esurance in BondageErin from Esurance in BondageErin from Esurance in Bondage

Yeah.  Spies in bondage is becoming my thing now!