Red Suit Down

This picture was taken during my first visit to the Serious Bondage Institute.  I had previously done work with the guys when I lived in Los Angeles.  They were down there doing shoots at a local studio, and were gracious enough to do some scenes with me.  We hit it off, and they invited me up to San Francisco for a weekend of shooting at their location.

This chair was the first thing I saw when I arrived that night.  I think we’ve all seen this chair before, since it’s one of the more iconic pieces of bondage wizardry out there, and has been shown on hundreds of other bondage websites with literally hundreds of other bondage models (both male and female) strapped into it.  But seeing it up close in all it’s kinky leather and wooden glory is pretty intimidating.  This chair is big!  Huge.  It owns whatever room it is sitting in, and you just can’t take your eyes off of it.  Especially if you ever get the chance to see someone else strapped into it!  You don’t know whether to feel bad for them, or giddy at having someone completely under your control.  [insert evil laugh here]

This night, it was my turn to experience the furiously rigid embrace of the leather straps and buckles permanently anchored to the massive wooden timbers personally handed down from the heavens by the likes of Zeus and Thor (cough. cough. Mark.  Dalton. cough) themselves.  Mark will tell you stories of mere mortal men being able to escape from this thing.  But I suspect those memories are based more in fantasy than in the real world.  No one escapes from this thing.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

So they sent me to go change into my PVC catsuit.  They told me to wear my tightest one, because it would allow them tighten the straps easier and tighter.  They didn’t really have to tell me that, since all of my suits are second-skin tight, but I did what I could to oblige.  When I walked into the dungeon room refreshed and wearing nothing than this thin layer of tight PVC stretched over my body, they smiled and nodded their approval.  Dalton took the initiative, padded the chair seat with his hand, and told me to sit down.

As I sat down, I became aware that there were others at the Bondage Institute now.  And every one of them quickly and fully engaged in the process of binding me to this chair.  Through the blur of activity, I really couldn’t perceive the things that were being done to me.  I can specifically recall the leather bondage mitts being locked on my wrists, my ankles being strapped to the chair legs, and the large strap being cinched around my waist.  Other than that, everything else seemed to happen at once.  It was obvious they had done this before, and they were good at it!  Within 2 – 3 minutes of me sitting down, I was covered in a thick web of unforgiving leather that seemed to get tighter every time I moved.  Well, actually it was.  As I struggled against the restraints, the guys were also busy readjusting the straps to remove any/all movement that remained.  A few minutes more, and I was done.  I physically could not move.  It was the most rigid thing I had ever experienced.  Intimidating?  For sure!  Exciting.  YES!  Kinky?  Oh boy…

So that was my first experience in the Serious Bondage Chair.  I spent four hours in it that night, as other kinky bondage activities took place directly in front of me.  Somewhere in all of this, they fixed my head to the chair so I couldn’t turn away from what was going on in the room.  They didn’t really need to do that, because there was no way I was going to miss seeing other guys getting the SBI treatment in their equally tight and shiny catsuits.

So now that I’ve experienced the Serious Bondage Chair, their bondage bed is the next thing on my list.  Perhaps next time, my friends.  Perhaps next time…