Friends Who Like Rope

My friends know I’m a tight catsuit and leather bondage kind of guy. I guess they’ve accepted that, because why else do they strap me down in my tight catsuits and leather bondage all the time? That’s what good friends do, right? Right!

But friendship goes both ways. So when I have a friend who really wants to do some tight catsuit and rope bondage play, I usually let them. Rope bondage can be a bit intense at times, and if not done right it can be a bit uncomfortable to struggle against after your captor has been edging you non-stop for a few hours. Suffer for your art, I say!

But every once in a while, a rope bondage scene comes together so well that it just… works. It’s tight. It’s inescapable. And it’s fun to fight against, as your rigger plays with your body through the tight catsuit he asked you to wear before tying you up. This was just one of those scenes! It started out with me standing while the rope harness was tied around my arms and chest, and ended with me partially suspended in one of the tightest hogties I’ve ever experienced. He did such a good job tying me up like this, that I was able to indulge his bondage request for over two hours before tapping out!

This post was from a request I got on Twitter the other day. I guess I’ll leave it up to the guy who tweeted that request to let me know if I should post the rest of the pics (and video!) from this scene. They are pretty awesome, by the way…

Catsuit Hogtie