Sometimes, There is No Hope

Early in my bondage career, the bondage games I played with my friends always had an element of escape challenge in them.  They would tie me up as tight as they could, jut to see if I could escape.  Back then, I escaped a lot.  No matter how tight or stringent they tied their rope, I was able to work it loose enough so i could eventually uncoil it from our my Spandex suited body.  It didn’t mean they didn’t try, but the end was always the same.

They gradually started visiting adult shops asking workers how best to restrain a man of my size and abilities for longer periods of time.  Their answer was always leather.  So one night, my friends Sara, John, and Amber stops by with a large bag of bondage gear they bought earlier that day at Sex World in Minneapolis.  Cocky as I was, I told them that if they could keep me locked down to my bed for over one hour, they could do any ting they wanted to against my vulnerable body.  Amber made me promise one more time, and then sent me to the bathroom to pour myself into my tight Spandex wetsuit (her favorite).  When I got back into her bedroom, I noticed they had already laid out her new toys on the bed for me.  Well, I guess we weren’t doing rope bondage tonight.

I’ve done some leather bondage already, and learned to be apprehensive whenever a bondage challenge unfolds with the purpose of me being fastened down to something with all those amazing straps.  Once the cuffs are locked around your wrists and ankles, and firmly attached to the four corners of the bed, your limited escapology skills are really quite limited.  Before they were done, they locked a leather hood over my head and also included tight locking bondage mitts over my hands to make my fingers useless.    Yup.  I was starting to get very helpless.

They spent another ten minutes tightening the four chains stretching my arms and legs wide to the corners of the bed.  Satisfied in their work, they told me that my one hour begins in 30 seconds.

The bell went off, and as hard as I fought against my bondage, I knew I was done.  The use of my hands was impossible, but not that it really mattered because the knots were kept several feet out of reach.  My ankles were stretched out even further, which gave me nothing to anchor my feet to in an effort to mount a proper physical attack against the bindings and the bed I was attached.  Plan B was to try and destroy the actual bed through violent struggles, but no movement meant all I cold was perform erotic with my body in an effort to loosen some of the restraints binding me.

No luck whatsoever!  By the time my hour was done, I was sweaty and tired.  And also very turned on.  My captors recognized the last part, and told me they had something that could help alleviate that.  They grabbed large piles of leather restraints and steel chain, and proceed to strap every single part of my body to the bed frame.  My shins and thighs were encircled by wide leather straps, and were locked off tightly somewhere below the bed.  Same with my waist, chest, and upper arms.  They even locked a hook attached at the top of my helmet to the frame at the top of the bed, to remind me that movement wasn’t going to be possible for what they had next.

They were 100% accurate: There was no movement possible for the next few hours, as my friends carried out their kinky punishment on my tightly exposed body.  There were lots of vibrators flying around my body that day, and even a few nipple clamps used to make sure I didn’t fall asleep.  By the time they bored of my body, they used a custom leather harness to fasten their most powerful vibrator over my throbbing erection.  They then turned it on high speed, and left the room for over 30 minutes.  The number of orgasms I had, escapes me still to this day.  But never ending torment of the vibrators tightly fixed to my crotch and over my never ending erection is a torture session I will never forget.  In fact, I want to do it again some day soon….

Hope you enjoy this story.  Le me know what you think of it.

Spandex and Leather Bondage