Spandex vs. Spandex

I was introduced to my good friend Amber through unconventional methods.  Well, in my life the way I was introduced to her isn’t that strange at all.  I think in the past few years, I’ve met more people while I was tied up vs. when I wasn’t.  It’s jut part of the job, I guess.

Anyway, Amber and I hit it off right away and became best friends almost immediately.  Not only do we like tying each other up in our growing array of skin tight fetish outfits, but we just sync up in every other way that good friends do.  She loves football, enjoys the same movies I do (including Buckaroo Banzai and the Evil Dead series), and can build a computer from scratch probably faster than I can (Hmmm.  Perhaps we should do a bondage challenge on that one).

I already told you the story about the first time we got together after we were introduced by our friend John.  She called me up kind of shy, and asked if she could tie me up.  You can read about it here!  However, that post really only covers the first part of our day.  After she found me in my self bondage, she took control and properly strapped me to my bed.  Tightly strapped me to my bed, I might add.  It was only after she had me helpless, that she sprang a pleasant surprise on me.  Apparently she became infatuated with my catsuit and the sight and feel of my muscles flexing though it as I fought against the bondage torment she put me through at John’s house.  So she went out and bought a skin tight Spandex catsuit of her own to wear during our bondage sessions.

I did not know this, so you can probably imagine my excitement as she did a very sexy strip tease directly in front of me as I fought against my restraints.  It was pretty erotic watching the girl who just tied me up strip out of the athletic clothes she wore to my house, to reveal the perfectly tight Spandex suit she was wearing underneath.  It was obvious she liked the feeling of the Spandex rubbing against her body!

Before she strapped me down to my bed, she removed the leather blindfold.  So I could see ever shiny curve of her body as she danced her way around the bed I was strapped to.  Even for a guy like me with my rather ambiguous sexual preferences, I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it!  I was still properly gagged, though, so I couldn’t answer her when she asked if I approved of her new suit.  Yes!  I approved!  Damn gags!

After a few more minutes of watching her show off her new suit, she crawled up on the bed and locked the leather blindfold back over my eyes.  “I don’t want to ruin everything for you, at least not yet.  But if you make it through the next couple of hours, it will be your turn to tie me up in my new catsuit.  Just promise me you will tie me up as tight as I have you tied up now.”  Leaning in, she then whispered, “even tighter, if you want to.”

She slithered herself down my stretched out and vulnerable body, rubbing her body and hands down my tight Spandex the whole way.  She finally got confortable between my stretched out legs, with her own legs wrapped around my body in such a way to show that she owned me for the unknown future.  You can see how this left my exposed crotch within her easy grasp.  A fact that she used immediately.  Within a matter of moments, she stroked me to the point of orgasm.  But I knew what she had in mind, and letting me cum within the next two hours was not in her plan.  During my ‘down time’ she rubbed her hands up and down my abdomen and thighs to cool me down.  I never cooled down!  And she knew it the entire time.  She kept promising that if I made it through her two hours of play time, she would let me tie her up and do the same to her.  It was the way she explained how she was going to look all stretched out in her Spandex suit that almost pushed me over the edge a few times.  Thank God she couldn’t see me smile behind my leather panel gag, because I knew something she didn’t.  I knew where all of my gear was, and so far she hadn’t placed any limits on what I could do to her once I had her tied up.  The only requirement she had was that I tie her up to my bed in a spread eagle that was at least as tight as the one she tied me in.  She was in serious trouble when it was her turn!

I just needed to make sure I could withstand the next two hours without cumming.  That was going to be hard enough, but the reward was going to be fun.  So very fun!

To be continued…

Tied to my bed by my friend wearing skin tight spandex catsuits