The Challenge Before The Challenge!

During a crazy bondage weekend I had with my friend John last year, I wanted to do a specific long-term bondage challenge. One where I was tied to a bed with rope and medical restraints and given a couple of hours to escape. If I failed, he got to tie me to the bed nude for the night (something he wanted to do the entire weekend!). He agreed, but he didn’t think my challenge was intense enough and wanted to tire me out a bit before we got started with my challenge. So before my challenge could start, he got to do a bondage challenge of his own. It’s the way things work in this crazy life!

He got to tie me in an increasingly intense hogtie using rope, where I eventually would find my self fully suspended by rope if I didn’t admit defeat. Admitting defeat meant that my punishment for not escaping the next attempt (my attempt) would mean that he got to call some of his friends over to help play with me once they got me tied to his bed.

Sounded like a fair deal to me. So I jumped into my blue catsuit, laid down on a bondage bed in his dungeon, and let him do whatever he wanted to do to me with his rope. This image shows you what I looked like about half way through my ordeal. He hadn’t even started suspending me yet, and I had already given up all hope of escaping. Endurance was the only thing I had on my side. We’ll see how long that would last…

Hogtied in Blue Catsuit

Note: I’ve got some video of all of this. Will publish the videos as soon as I figure out what is going on with my web hot (they aren’t letting me publish new videos at the moment).