Are You OK With This?

This was the last ‘official’ picture Mark over at Serious Male Bondage took of me during this photo shoot.  But it most certainly wasn’t the end of this scene.  Not by a long shot!

We were at the house of a friend this particular day, and there were multiple photo shoots going on simultaneously throughout most of the afternoon.  Mark spent almost an hour taking pictures of the guys strapping me down and playing with me in this position, when he was called to start shooting another bondage scene beginning upstairs.  Always the professional, he asked me if I wanted to be released before he left the room (since we were done with the shoot).  Because the guys spent so much time strapping me into this device but did not get to “play” with me much during the photo shoot, I jokingly told Mark that it was only fair to give them a few minutes to have some fun of their own before releasing me.

Almost immediately, the guys swooped in and started to work me over in a way that was much more intimate than they were allowed during the shoot.

Are you OK with this?” Mark asked when he realized what I had volunteered for.

Already losing my ability to think coherently because of all the rubbing, touching, and massaging going on, all I could do was to respond with a nearly indecipherable “uh huh”.

I could hear the flash bulbs go off when this last picture was taken.  “Good luck” was the last thing I heard him say as he went to shoot the bondage scene upstairs.

It really is too bad that no pictures or video exist of what they did to me over the hour that followed Mark’s exit.  I think you guys would have enjoyed watching them do what they did.  I know I’d love to watch it again.  And again.  And again…

Bondage Massage