Now I Have to Go Buy Another New Suit

So last night while I was on a boring conference call for my real job, I was also playing around in Photoshop with the picture from my last post.  I have to say that I really like how this one turned out!  It’s straight out of an Agent Smith bondage adventure.

Incase you are wondering, here are the unofficial prerequisites for an Agent Smith bondage adventure story line:

  1. I’m usually wearing a black skin tight PVC, latex, or Spandex catsuit, while investigating political and/or corporate corruption
  2. I’m captured by the bad guy, who then binds me in one perilous bondage position after another
  3. I’m made to endure hours/days of erotic torment by the bad guy, in an effort to make me ‘talk’
  4. Eventually my arch enemy Alice is called in to extract the information from me (she’s expensive, ruthless, and doesn’t care if she leaves me in one piece when she’s done.  That’s why she is only called in if my original captors fail to get the information they need from me).
  5. I’m told I’ll never escape, as Alice begins her kinky dance of erotic torture over my soon to be broken body
  6. I escape

So as you can see, the changes I made to the suit I’m wearing in this updated picture now fits the bill for a whole new Agent Smith bondage adventure.  Sadly, though, my black PVC catsuit that started this whole Agent Smith thing is starting to show its age.  Don’t get me wrong!  It still looks good poured over my skin.  But this picture has made me realize that I’ll have to retire that suit soon, so I can get another one that shines like the suit in this picture!  Anyone willing to donate to the “Agent Smith Body Suit Fund”?  Just click the Donate button at the top of the page.  LOL

Here’s the shiny picture that’s going to make me spend all kinds of money I don’t have!  Smile

Black Leather Catsuit Bondage