Stretched Like a Bow

One day, my friend John and I got bored. We had just spent the last few hours tying me up to his bed and doing a chair tie using a few hundred feet of rope, but after all that we kind of felt like we were in a rut. I mean, how many times can you tie up the same guy wearing the same skin tight PVC catsuit to a bed and tormenting/milking him until he begged for release. OK. You can do that forever. But we needed an excuse to at least try and do something different. Right?

This bondage position was all John’s idea. He had these short metal spreader bars randomly laying around the house, and I had yet to take off the leather cuffs still locked around my ankles and wrists. Over a glass of wine in front of his fire place, he asked me if I wanted to do a hogtie escape challenge he had been thinking about for a while. Once he got me tied up, I had to try and escape before he cold make me cum. If I failed, I had to let him tie me nude to his bed for the night.

I knew he could probably tie me up into a hogtie tight enough to prevent my escape, but I figured I could squirm around wildly enough so I could prevent him from keeping the vibrator on my crotch for any extended period of time. So yeah, I agreed to his challenge.

At first, I thought the bondage bar hogtie he placed me in was the worst idea for a bondage escape challenge ever. Yeah, I wasn’t going to escape because every thing was locked on with padlocks, but I had more movement than I expected on his bed. This belief was enforced by the 10 – 15 minutes he let me squirm around to test my movement. Looked like I was going home fully clothed and sleeping in the comfort of my own bad that night.

That’s when he played the ace up his sleeve! He crawled up on the bed, and contorted himself between my arms and legs locked behind my back in such a way that I simply could not move. Just imagine a man pouring himself behind me in this picture, locking me permanently in this position. Nope. Movement was out of the question.

And then he pulled out his super powerful vibrator, turned it on, and spent the next thirty minutes massaging the entire front of my body. From my knees to my neck, the powerful vibrations were playing a magic tune on the tight PVC stretched over my body, that went straight to my crotch. I flexed my muscles as hard as I could, but no. I was locked just like this until he was done with me.

After a while he somehow managed to take one hand and cup my butt from behind, while pressing and pushing the vibrator against my pulsing erection. I wanted to go instantly, but if you remember, my friend is a master at edging me. He played with my arched body like this for almost 45 minutes, before he finally gave in and pushed me over the edge. Five minutes of milking and post-orgasm torment later, he turned the vibrator off, crawled out from behind my bound arms and legs, and began the short job of unbinding and disrobing me.

He allowed me plenty of time to use the bathroom and shower, but as soon as I was done I had to lie back down on his bed while he used chains and leather cuffs to spread eagle me in the center of his bed. I guess I never thought about what he was going to do to me once he had me tied to his bed, so I was quite surprised when he showed me the tray of meats, cheeses, and fruits he had prepared while I was showering. He also had a bottle of wine chilling!

We spent the next couple of hours watching Blade Runner (of all things), while he fed me and gave me wine whenever I asked. Every now and then I would pull at my restraints just to remind myself that I was truly helpless, and really tied tightly to his bed, while he treated me pretty darn well.  He even put a blanket on me when I mentioned that I was a bit chilly.

When the movie ended, he released me to use the bathroom again, but I soon found myself locked back down to his bed. I was stretched out much tighter this time, but still comfortable. The movie we started watching next was the first Matrix film. One of my favorites! But to my dismay, he had already determined I wasn’t going to get the chance to watch it. During the opening scene where Trinity kicked everyone’s ass, my friend spent his time gagging me with a large red ball gag and harness and locking the integrated leather blindfold around my head.  I was now blinded, and unable to speak.  And oh yeah, chained nude to my friend’s bed!

John knew this was my favorite movie (I had told him while we talked in between sessions earlier that day), so he knew I would be a little distracted by even listening to it as he played with my stretched, bound, and vulnerable body. To make a long story short, he edged me over the entire move, only letting me go over the edge once the credits began to roll. You can look for yourself on IMDB how long that movie is…

He cleaned me up a bit with a warm damp towel before releasing me this time. I used his rest room once again, then we both went upstairs to rehydrate and have a few more snacks. I was still nude and locked in leather wrist and ankle cuffs. After finishing our snack, John reminded me of the bet I lost a couple of hours ago. I didn’t even try to talk my way out of it, as we walked back down stairs to his bedroom and let him chain me back down to his bed. However, this time he chained me face down. I was stretched out pretty tight, but not uncomfortable. He poured warm oil over my entire body, from my neck to my feet, and gave me one of the greatest massages I have ever had. He spent a lot of time on my thighs, butt, and lower back. In fact, by the time he switched his massage to my feet, I was so turned on again I was slowly dry humping his bed while he gave me a very intense foot massage.

I was in heaven when he worked his oil covered hands back up to my body, but that quickly turned to hell when he abruptly stopped his massage, covered my still stretched out body with a heavy quilt, and said good night as he turned out the lights in his bedroom and walked out.

I wanted John to finish what he started and fought against my bondage position for many minutes, before finally calming down. I still remember slowly grinding my hips into his bed before I eventually fell asleep.

When morning finally came, I woke up now laying on my back with my friend gently strapping a ballgag in my mouth. I was surprise and confused, which is probably why I didn’t resist much when my friend jumped off of the bed and tightly tugged at rope that he picked up from the ground somewhere. He had somehow configured a nice trap for me before I woke up, and I quickly found myself stretched out on his bed again. But this time, my arms and legs were tied straight up and down to the ends of the bed. I was pulled apart and stretched incredibly tight, before my friend disappeared for a short time again to, I assume, tie off the ends of the ropes now keeping me stretched out and very vulnerable (once again).

“Good morning” was the only thing he said, as he grabbed a bottle of lube from his night stand. He poured a generous amount of it in the palm of his hand, put the bottle back down on the night stand, and then jumped up on the bed where he straddled my struggling form.  He went straight to work on giving me one of the most intense morning orgasms of my life.  It was already turning out to be a great day!

After I was released from my quick but intense morning torment, it was time for me to wash myself up so I could go to work. As I grabbed my things and headed out the door, I told him I wanted a rematch when I was done working that afternoon. He reminded me that it was Friday, and warned me that losing would mean a weekend of bondage punishment. “Bring it on”, I told him as I fired up my motorcycle and sped off.

Tight Catsuit Hogtie

Note: this is the last image he took of me, right before he jumped on the bed and positioned his body between my arched arms and legs. As you can tell, the PVC was stretched so tight with me in this position, he had no problem telling where my most vulnerable areas were trying to hide. I think he set me up from the beginning. What do you think? LOL