Tied for Tickling

It seems that all of my bondage buddies go through the same streaks.  There’s the vibrator streak, the tie me to the bed while they have to do something else streak, the bondage challenge streak, and of course (everyone’s favorite but mine) the tickle streak.  Let me just tell you that having a tight Spandex catsuit on does not do anything to reduce how ticklish a person is, especially if they are tied up while being tickled in it.  In fact, I truly believe that tight spandex only amplifies one’s ticklishness!

But letting my friends tie me up to do their erotic tickle dance across my squirming body isn’t the worst thing in the world, either.  In fact, I can think of many more things out there that are worse than becoming incredibly turned on while fingertips are dancing across my abdomen or digging into my armpits.  LOL

This picture was from a tickle scene my friend John did a while back.  He knew my most ticklish parts are my butt and my feet, and came up with this bondage position to take advantage of that.  This suit fits especially tight on me, which really worked in John’s favor when he began to work on my butt.

I’ll have to see if I have any pics from this scene that show you how he eventually used rope to anchor my feet to the sides of the bed.  With the spreader bar still in place, the ropes tying my feet to the sides of the bed made it impossible for me to avoid the next hour of relentless, ruthless, and incredibly erotic tickle torment.  He did make it up to me right before releasing me, though, by sucking my toes for probably the last ten minutes while using both hands to massage my butt.  He’s a nice guy, that way!

However, this night of bondage wasn’t over after my tickle session was done.  Before he would untie me, he made me promise to let him tie me back up to his bed but laying on my back this time.  He wanted to explore the front of my body to see if I had any ‘hidden’ tickle spots he didn’t yet know about.  I only agreed to his ransom demand, after he promised me a very happy ending would be involved if I let him experiment on me for another hour.

After a short twenty minute break, I was back on his bed, tied down and stretched out tighter than usual.  He laughed when I recommended his biggest ballgag, but as soon as his fingertips approached my taught abdomen he knew why I made this request!

And yes, he did give me a very happy ending for enduring his kinky experimentation!

Bondage Tickle Torment