Stretched and Strapped

This was the first bondage scene I did with my friends over at Serious Male Bondage.  Since we hadn’t worked together before, they wanted to start things off with something tame.  So what did they do?  Well they stretched me out in my skin tight catsuit on this rack until the winch was truly at its limits, then they strapped me down with dozens of leather straps.  Not bad for my first time on a bondage rack!

The next time I visit the Serious Bondage Institute (which is in January, by the way!), I’ll have to measure how long this rack is.  That way, I might be able to prove to you just how tight they stretched me out on this thing.  I mean, if you look at these pics, it’s pretty obvious they couldn’t have stretched me much farther.  But then again, they could have just removed the five-link chain anchoring my ankles and locked my ankle restraints directly to the rack.  That would have given them at least another six inches to play with…

Stretched Out on a Metal Bondage Rack   Strapped Down on a Metal Bondage Rack