As Time Wound Down

This picture is how I felt last night as the last few minutes ticked away for the Packer/Niner football game.  Straps tightening around me.  Trapped.  Exposed.  Vulnerable.  The worse the score got, the worse I knew things were going to be for me today.

I’m the only Packer fan in my group of bondage buddies up here, and I was laying the trash talk on pretty thick ever since we beat the Vikings in the first round of the playoffs.  The closer we got to kickoff last night, the braver I got with my banter on all the social networking sites.  It was all in fun, of course, but I should have paid closer attention to the alarm bells ringing in my head when Amber posted a group bondage challenge for all us.  If the Packers won, she would represent our group’s contingency of anti-packer fans (which is everyone but me) and submit to a full day of bondage fun in her new purple PVC catsuit at my house.  But if the Niners won, I had to submit to the same fate wearing some of my numerous super tight catsuits (most likely one of my Under Armour suits, as they have become the groups favorite suit to torment me in).  I openly mocked her when I agreed to the challenge.  I think that made her mad.  But everyone else seemed to get a kick out of it.  And everyone else asked if they could come over and participate, no matter who won.  Amber said yes, before I had the chance to think about it.

So yeah.  I didn’t expect to be planning to have seven visitors over today, for the sole purpose of tying me up any way they want for the entire afternoon.  But at least they have agreed to use the wrist and ankle cuffs anchored to the floor and ceiling in my new theater room to watch the Patriots game.  I have another bet going for that game, that just might result in Amber getting spreadeagled in the matching set of cuffs anchored on the other side of my theater.  She’s already told me she isn’t wearing anything else but her catsuit and tight knee high leather boots when she comes over (she gets to park in the garage!).  I know at least half of my friends want their turn on her wearing this outfit, so it will be fun watching her squirm in her suit and boots as they take turns on us.  Go Patriots!!

Gotta run and get suited up now.  Everyone is on their way.  Wish me luck!

Strapped to bondage bed in tight green catsuit