Over the years, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails asking me to show you guys some more of the bondage hijinks Amber and I have had together.  Our bondage friendship started out purely by chance, and since then she’s became my bondage go-to “guy”.  And a really kick-ass friend, too.  If I want to get tied up in one of my tight suits and have a vibrator rubbed all over my body for a few hours, all I have to do is call her up and ask.  The same goes for her.  She’s really gotten into really tight Latex suits lately, and likes nothing more than for me to tightly chain her into a standing spread eagle in my theater room and shine her up while watching reruns of Firefly.  This, my friends, is a true story!  We watched the entire series with her like this when she stayed with me over Christmas break this year.  Each time she needed to be released to use the restroom, she knew that once I got her locked back into position, the lube session would start all over again.

And once we finally got to the movie Serenity, I got to use the vibrator on her the entire time.  It was a Christmas present I will never forget!

While she doesn’t want too many pictures of her on here, she has given me permission t show you guys a few.  The ones I’m showing today are from one of the very first times I tied her up.  You can read about the series of events that lead to her being held in bondage on my bed in her new Spandex suit,which she purchased for just this occasion.  Don’t you agree that she looks good tied down like this?

I paid her back for the torture she gave me earlier that day, by edging her for a solid two hours before letting her go over the edge.  And the nice thing I’ve discovered about girls, is that after a little more careful play, they are ready to do it all over again.  I think she regretted telling me that I could tie her as tight as I wanted to that day.

So enjoy these pics of one of my great bondage buddies, and even greater friends.  Everyone should have an Amber in their lives!

Tied to bed wearing tight catsuit

Tied to bed in a tight catsuit having a vibrator used on her