Extended, Full Body, Spandex Massage

While on my last trip to the Serious Bondage Institute, Ed strapped me inside of a neoprene sleep sack, and we drove about an hour out of town for something to eat.  Nothing out of the unusual!  After a great lunch at an excellent place I forget, we talked about what we should do when we got back to the SBI.  Since he hadn’t played with me while I wore one of these absolutely skin tight Under Armour Recharge suits, we formulated a plan.

As I’ve said on this blog before, these suits fits so tight that I’ve actually been forced to cum in them just by having my friend massage my nipples.  No other touching was required.  Ed wanted to try that.  Hell, I wanted to try that!  So that’s what the plan was going to be once he strapped me back into the sleep sack and drove me back home.

Upon arriving home, we hung out for a while with Mark and Dalton.  We told them of our plan to chain me down into a tight spread eagle and have Ed try to repeat the hands-free cum experience I had with my friend.  But no one believed me that it could happen.  Only one to prove it to them.  Put up, or shut up!

And it was all going to be caught on tape!

So I changed into my tightest Under Armour Recharge body suit, while the guys got the room ready.  I wanted it to be a simple tie, with just my wrists and ankles anchored tightly at the corners of the bondage bed.  They obliged, and in mere seconds of me walking into the studio I was as helpless as I was going to get.  I was stretched out so tight, I could barely move.  You can see this in the series of videos Mark posted at Serious Male Bondage (I’ll post them here in a few months, too.  Just want Mark to have exclusive access to them for a while.).  If you do get a chance to see it soon, let me know if you think the upper thigh and butt flexing is kind of hot.  For some reason, watching this video of me flex like that against the cold, hard steel turns me on quite a bit.

I digress…

The agreement going in was that Ed had one hour to make me cum.  He could only use his hands.  I told him where all of my sensitive spots are, especially nipples, thighs, and lower abdomen.  So it only took him a few minutes to get my fire burning.  By 10 minutes into the experiment, something strange happened.  I hadn’t cummed yet.  Mark warned me of a phenomenon that happens quite a bit where guys get a little camera shy when it comes to being forced to cum while being filmed.  But since I’ve done it in front of a camera dozens of times, I didn’t think that was it.  I kept getting closer and closer, but never could get quite over the edge.  The edge!  Damn it.  I just realized what was going on.  When my friend made me cum in this suit before, she focused on my nipples 100% of the time.  A few gentle rubs up and down my body so she could slide her hands over my spandex covered erection, but the rest of the time was her using her finger tips gently rubbing them around my nipples.

Since I was gagged, I couldn’t communicate this to Ed.  He was turning me on so hard, I couldn’t stand it.  He was edging me!  And for the next 50 minutes, he was going to continue to edge me unless I could communicate with him.  But with the gag so tightly strapped in place, that was impossible.  There is a point in the video where you can literally see me become a broken man and settle in for the lengthy torment I knew was going to happen to me.

You can also see the several points where he actually does make me damn near cum.  When ever I lift my head up and slam it back down, or wriggle my legs against my ankle chains…  That’s the most obvious sign I was literally on the verge of cumming.  But he didn’t see it.  Or perhaps he did see it.  And knew exactly what he was doing.  No matter what, I was being edged.  Edged like I had never been edged before.  And it just wouldn’t end.

There was point where you can here me beg through the tight leather gag for him to use a vibrator, but he played me like a harp with that too.  I was so damn close to cumming for most of that hour, that I could feel my muscles vibrate through my restraints.

And then it all came to and end.  No happy ending.  Just an end.  I particularly love the way Ed finished up the video here.  His explanation of what was supposed to  happen was spot on.  But if only he knew that he just edged me to the threshold of insanity, I think his story at the end of this video would have been much different.

I’m just glad they let me relax in this bondage for another twenty minutes before finally unlocking me.  Not sure what I would have done if I was released right away.

More pics and video on this scene coming over time.  Until then, you can join Serious Male Bondage and get it right now.  Not only joining Serious Male Bondage help Mark out, but it also helps me keep this site on the Web.  I’ve come close a few times to running out of cash.  So every link you click on helps me out.  And I sincerely appreciate it!!


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