It’s Blue. It’s New.

And it’s tight.  Really, really tight!

This is another new catsuit I bought right before my last trip to the Serious Bondage Institute back in February (I showed you a glimpse of the other one here).  I had these two suits custom made for me before that trip, because I had some very specific bondage fantasies I wanted to do while visiting my kinky friends.  These fantasies were so important to me, that I wanted them to turn out absolutely perfect.  And that meant I wanted these suits to be perfect.  And they are!  They fit me better than I really thought was possible.  Not that I’m complaining about how some of my other catsuits fit, because that is just crazy talk.  It’s just…  Well…  It’s like comparing a Camaro to a Porsche.  Both cars looks sexy as hell.  But come on.  One is a Porsche!

Ever since I discovered the massive bondage universe that existed just outside the spandex wetsuit tie-up games I played with my friends in high school and college, one of my biggest fantasies was to do a scene where I was chained to a bondage bed wearing a skin tight blue spandex catsuit.  In that fantasy, my suit fit so well that there was never a crease in it when I struggled against the leather and chains locking my body in a tight spread eagle.  I can honestly say that what Mark and Dale did for me in this scene is nothing short of stunning.  At least for me, anyway.  I hope for you, too!  It’s as if they stared directly into my kinky soul and ripped this image out of one of the scary corners lying within.  Yeah.  I bought the suit.  But without their help and gear, living this fantasy might not have ever happened.  Thanks guys!

And just to keep you wanting more, there is another part of this fantasy I’m not telling you yet.  But if you look really closely at this image, you might be able to see a hint of things to come…

Trapper Smith chained to a bondage bed wearing a skin tight spandex catsuit