Leather Hogtie

One of the really nice things about having so many bondage buddies, is that I have access to a wide variety of bondage styles. While my friends always treat me to my personal bondage style preferences, I generally return the favor and let them tie me up however they want. Even nude, if that’s their prerogative. This arrangement tends to make all of us very happy!

My friend who strapped me up in this scene is one of the few bondage buddies I have who prefers rope bondage over leather. And he’s really good at rope bondage, too! He’s also more of a hogtie guy than I am, but always let’s me get my kink out of the way before asking to hogtie me.

The image below was done after a particularly grueling scene we had done earlier, where I was roped down to a table in his basement in a very stringent spread eagle. He used a lot of rope in that preceding scene, and tied me down very tight with anchor points at my wrists, elbows, waist, thighs, and ankles. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but after struggling against rope for a couple of hours, even the best of us can get a little soar.

So after a very gracious massage session where he worked out most of the kinks from my body, he came up with the idea of using a web of leather straps to hogtie me instead of the ropes he had originally intended. And I must say, the results were impressive. Not only was it one of the most comfortable hogties I’ve ever been in, it was also completely inescapable. Even after an hour of struggling as hard as I could, I was still very much his captive. He only released me because this scene was also a bondage challenge, which I lost.  The consequences meant he could strap me to his bed nude for one of his infamous edging sessions, which lasted for nearly two hours!

That edging session is a whole different story, which I’ll have to tell you one day. Until then, what do you think? I’m generally not a huge fan of being put into hogties, but more of these could be fun. Perhaps I’ll have to plan another trip to visit him in Wisconsin this summer. 🙂

Leather hogtie in tight Spandex catsuit