Extremely Tight Hogtie

Male Bondage – Extremely Tight Hogtie

I’m usually not the first person around here who will volunteer for a hogtie, but if I keep watching videos like this that could change.  Just look how that rope bulges his skin through his tight catsuit as it grips his body!  And that arm bondage… Wow!

My favorite part of hogtie videos like this is when the guy (or girl) finally manages to roll his body over on his side.  These slow reveals that ultimately show us what the front side of his bound and slicked up body look like get me every time.  Speaking from a bit of experience, there is a certain sense of vulnerability you can only get when the front of your body is exposed like this.

I’m not sure I could handle the way his ball gag harness is used to pull his head back, though.  That looks way too intimidating!

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