Tied Up Cyclist Video

tied cyclist – XTube Porn Video – wetsuittied

This guy certainly managed to get himself into a perfectly kinky and vulnerable position, didn’t he?  Don’t you just love the way he’s stretched out and tied down in a wide spread eagle on someone’s bondage bed in his tight, thin Spandex skin suit?  Can you imagine how fun it would be to be there, rubbing your fingernails ever so lightly over his straining erection while he’s being tormented like this?  Not sure what side of the equation would be funner!!!

I just recently got back into biking again, and picked up a few skin suits similar to this so I could freely enjoy my Spandex exhibitionist side in public, while also getting a good work out.  This video makes me want nothing more than for one of you guys to capture me some day while I’m cycling around Minneapolis in my blue suit.  Just promise me that you’ll make my bondage ordeal half as interesting as this one, and I promise I’ll go easily.

Hint: I’m usually around Target Field each afternoon around 4:00pm.  To make my capture easier for you, I’ll wear my skin tight blue version of this suit.  If there is anything I can do to make things easier for you, just let me know.  LOL