Always Negotiate BEFORE You Put On The Strait Jacket!

After two fairly long and exhausting bondage photo shoots, I’m guessing my friends thought I would actually agree to the three hour edging session they had planned for me.  I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy being tied down to an actual metal bondage bed, while very real bondage-and-torment enthusiasts erotically stimulate your body for hours on end through your skin tight catsuit.  Right?  Actually, under normal circumstances, I’m usually the first one to volunteer for such treatment.  But this wasn’t under normal circumstances.

I was tired.  Tired, and very much turned on from already being erotically manhandled (in the best of ways, mind you!) for the last few hours.  I genuinely believed these guys were fully capable of edging me for three hours without letting me go over, too.  And in the fragile (i.e. horny) state I was in, I wasn’t confident my brain could handle straddling that boundary between maddening frustration and intense pleasure for that long, without popping at least two gaskets along the way.

So that’s why I tried negotiating with them, as they were literally carrying me to the bondage bed and leather restraints waiting for me.  I told them I would willingly let them strap me down and have their fun with me, but I wanted to take an hour break first and then shower and change into a new catsuit before they locked me to the bed.  The tight blue suit I had been wearing for the past few hours was getting a little soggy from all the struggling and sweating and glorious massaging I had been put through during the previous bondage scenes.  I didn’t expect them to bite on that offer so easily, but it was the best delay tactic I could come up with in the short distance between the cage and the bed.

To my surprise, they all looked at each other and then nodded in agreement.  They said “Deal”.  I said “Deal”.


Feeling relieved, I relaxed as they lowered me to the floor and helped me stand up so they could get me out of the strait jacket.  We were already by the bondage bed when we finished our “negotiations”, and since I was going to be allowed a break before my edging session I barely noticed all of the hospital restraints and leather straps laying on the bed.  After a quick few stretches to work out the stiffness in my legs from being in the cage for so long, I turned around so my friend could start the process of unbuckling the dozen straps still binding me in this awesome strait jacket.

That’s when this happened…

Bound in a Strait Jacket, While Wearing a Blue Catsuit

As soon as I was pulled backwards onto the end of the bed, I began to struggle as hard as I could.  But my friends were determined to get me bound to this bed.  By the time they were done anchoring me in the middle of this thing, with restraints stretching my ankles far apart at the bottom and straps stretching the canvas strait jacket tightly at the top, I couldn’t move.  However, that didn’t stop them from adding severely stressed straps at the waist of the jacket to ensure that I was well and truly stuck.

My friends took a few minutes to enjoy my vulnerable position by rubbing their hands over the tight PVC stretched over my groin, before leaving the room.  “Enjoy your hour break,” they told me, as they shut off the light and went downstairs.

I kept yelling “Not fair!” over and over as I fought against the canvas strait jacket and leather restraints preventing me from following them.  Eventually I realized they weren’t coming back, and just laid there by myself enjoying the view of my struggling reflection from the mirrors attached to the ceiling above the bed.

Except for the fact my erection had no place to fully stretch out, this actually was a very relaxing way to spend my hour of down time.  I had no idea how fast time was proceeding, but it felt entirely way too short when I heard the dozen or so feet thundering back up the stairs.

“Break time is over,” they announced, as everyone burst back into the room…